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FalconPEV was founded in 2013 and is one of Singapore’s leading personal electric vehicle (PEV) retailers. They are the inventor of the famed Zero electric scooter brand, one of the oldest and most proven electric scooters on the market today

Zero Brand

Zero electric scooters include: Zero 8, Zero 9, Zero 10, Zero 8X, Zero 10X, and Zero 11X.  The number designations reflect the tire size in inches (e.g. the Zero 8 has eight in tires). The X designation is dual-motor, high performance models.

Brand reputation and satisfaction

Zero electric scooters have an excellent brand reputation.  During our recent survey, Zero scored the highest post-purchase customer support of any brand. This means that customers felt good about the support they received for their Zero scooters after buying — this includes everything from information to repair help.


Zero electric scooters are distributed exclusively by:

1. Falcon PEV in Singapore.
2. RevRides in the United States.

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