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You can learn about the various parameters listed in the database by reading the descriptions below or you can jump straight to the database using the link above.


Safety standard

The safety standard determines how strong of an impact the helmet can protect you from. Read more in our ultimate guide to electric scooter helmets.

Helmet Type
SpeedApplicable Standards
Miniminum (+)Bike<20 mphCPSC, Snell B90A/B95
More (++)Downhill<20 mphASTM F1952/2042
Moderate (+++)eBike>20 mphNTA 8776
Maximum (++++)Motorcycle>20 mphDOT, Snell M-2010/M-2015


Shell helmets have a Skateboard style, a smooth rounded profile, and plastic shell.
Road helmets have a lightweight ventilated structure and visor.
Bell black full face helmet
Racer helmets have a smooth round outer shape and built-in goggles.
Halo helmets have a motocross look, aggressive styiing, and a built-in visor.

Full face or open face

Full face helmets have a chin bar that protrudes along your jaw line, offering full-face protection.

Open face helmets: nearly all shell and road helmets are open face.

Full face helmets: many racer helmets are full face, but you can also get them open face. Nearly all halo helmets are full face.

Electric Scooter Helmet Database

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