Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro Review: Fantastic Ride Up to 44 MPH

Dualtron Eagle Pro electric scooter
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - EYE3 LCD display, trigger throttle, hand grip
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folded handlebars, top view
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folded handlebars
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folding handlebar clasps
Dualtron Eagle Pro motor and rear tire
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - Folding Handlebar Clasps
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - Handgrip
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - brake lever and bell
Dualtron Eagle Pro Folded
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folded, full scooter, locked to deck
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - Folded, locked to deck hook
Dualtron Eagle Pro electric scooter
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - EYE3 LCD display, trigger throttle, hand grip
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folded handlebars, top view
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folded handlebars
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folding handlebar clasps
Dualtron Eagle Pro motor and rear tire
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - Folding Handlebar Clasps
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - Handgrip
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - brake lever and bell
Dualtron Eagle Pro Folded
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folded, full scooter, locked to deck
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - Folded, locked to deck hook

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro


In this hands-on Dualtron Eagle Pro review, we dive into a scooter that is almost the complete package. With amazing ride quality and feel, good portability given its performance class, and head-turning good looks, the only things keeping this from being an out-and-out winner are a somewhat noisy ride and underwhelming cable-activated disc brakes.

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 44.0 mph*
Tested range: 33.0 mi*
Weight: 65 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: None


Fantastic ride quality and suspension
Solid acceleration and speed
Impressive swag lighting
Poorly adjusted stem bearings
Underwhelming brakes

* Based on our performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

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Our Take: Super Smooth Ride with Super Sweet Suspension

Man riding fast on Dualtron Eagle Pro electric scooter

Flying into the extreme performance class, the Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro sparked controversy around Electric Scooter Guide, as it’s debatably our favorite scooter to ride (depending on who you ask). Although not the fastest extreme performance scooter, we like the way the Eagle Pro accelerates, offering a super smooth ride and less head-whipping power than the Apollo Pro or Zero 10X.

Braking on the Eagle Pro is good but not amazing. It scored a 15 mph braking distance of just 11.8 feet but has less bite than one would expect from disc brakes — especially for a scooter with this type of power. The cable-activated brakes were a bit squeaky out of the box and the regen was slow to activate and came on more abruptly than we would have liked.

Most notable on the Dualtron Eagle Pro is the rubber suspension, which progressively gets stronger as your ride gets rougher. The suspension is adjustable, with rubber blocks (which is inside the pivot point of each scooter arm) that provide more or less responsiveness, depending on your preferences.

Along with amazing suspension, the Eagle Pro has a very polished, complete look, with Minimotors and Dualtron branding on everything from the hand grips to the securing clasps and even on the fenders. It doesn’t have a smooth-edged design, like the Inokim OX, so can catch your heels or scrape you when maneuvering, but the construction feels beefy, solid, and durable.

Best Alternatives and Competitors

Model Top Speed** Range** Weight** Price
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro 44.0 mph 33.0 mi 65 lb $2,290
Apollo Pro (60V) 42.0 mph 26.2 mi 73 lb $2,299
Kaabo Mantis Pro 37.0 mph 33.7 mi 65 lb $2,299
Zero 10X (23 Ah) 36.1 mph 26.0 mi 72 lb $1,949

** Based on our independent testing, which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro Review

Performance Summary

Results below are based on our independent performance testing and not data provided by the manufacturer.

Acceleration (0 to 15 mph)2.7 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)3.9 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 25 mph)5.4 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 30 mph)7.1 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 35 mph)10.1 seconds
Acceleration (0 to 40 mph)16.3 seconds
Top speed44.0 mph
Braking distance (15 to 0 mph)11.8 feet
Range33.0 miles
Hill climb9.1 seconds


Dualtron Eagle Pro motor and rear tire

The Eagle Pro has super smooth acceleration and enough power, thanks to its dual 1800 watt electric motors, to spin the front wheel during aggressive launches.

The Eagle Pro is fast, but isn’t stealing any best-in-class times from other extreme performance scooters. In the 0 to 15 mph test, the Eagle Pro has an ESG tested time of 2.7 seconds. To compare, the fastest scooter in the category is the Apollo Pro (60 V), with a 0 to 15 mph time of 1.7 seconds.

The Eagle goes from 0 to 20 mph in 3.9 seconds, to 25 mph in 5.4 seconds, and to 30 mph in 7.1 seconds.

Hill Climb

The Eagle Pro is a good hill climber. It took the 200-foot, 10% grade incline hill in 9.1 seconds with an average speed of 15.0 mph, and was still accelerating at the top of the hill.

Compare with other scooters on our performance page.

Top Speed

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - deck, front tire, rear tire, kickstand, suspension

While the average shared scooter tops out around 15 mph, the Eagle Pro has a ESG tested top speed of 44.0 mph.

Though not quite as quick as the fastest scooters in the extreme performance category, this is more than enough speed for commuting, joyriding, and staying on pace with vehicle traffic


The Eagle Pro can go the distance, with 33.0 miles of tested range with an 165 lb rider.

Learn more about our extensive ESG certification tests.


Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - rear wheel, disc brakes, kickstand, rear light, rear fender

The Eagle Pro has a tested braking distance of 11.8 feet, and we generally consider a braking distance of 12 feet or fewer to be exceptional braking. One fairly big caveat to note is that the front brake squeaks, loudly, and did so even after adjustment.

The Eagle Pro comes with dual cable-activated disc and regenerative brakes — both systems are activated by squeezing the brake levers. The regenerative system takes a moment to kick in and comes on abruptly — no matter how you adjust the braking strength in the LCD display P-settings. Brake levers are heavy and don’t have the best lever feel. To get maximum braking power — even after adjustment — you have to smash down on the levers.

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - brake lever and bell

The regenerative brakes are equipped with an ABS or “antilock braking system,” that modulates the regenerative braking at a high frequency and produces disturbing noise and vibrations that resonate throughout the scooter. We tested the performance of the ABS and found that it actually improved braking performance slightly — however it’s a feature we would never use and can be disabled via a P-setting.

Overall, braking is good, but slightly underwhelming for a “premium” brand at this price point. With the amount of speed you’re getting on the Eagle Pro, much like the other extreme performance scooters, we expect strong braking, preferring hydraulic brakes for scooters in this class. Hydraulic brakes are more effective and easier to operate, and the Eagle Pro is the only scooter among the other Pro models that comes with cable-activated brakes only.

Ride Quality

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - full scooter

On the Dualtron Eagle Pro, the feature that stands out above all of the rest is the progressive suspension, using rubber blocks rather than coiled springs to provide damping and absorb shocks. Most extreme performance scooters feature dual swing arms with springs. Although this design works well, the rubber suspension feels better and helps the scooter better maintain contact with the road. As you’re riding, the suspension gets stronger the further it moves, resisting bottoming out, and absorbing energy instead of bouncing it back into your body, providing stronger damping overall.

Keep in mind that, because the suspension is rubber, the effectiveness can be affected by the temperature. For example, when we first rode the scooter on a brisk California morning, the suspension didn’t give as much when hitting bumps, so resulted in a rockier ride. After riding the scooter on a different, hot day during range testing, it gave a bit too much. However, there are different suspension blocks available with varying responsiveness, so you could swap out as needed based on the weather.

We also like the way the Eagle Pro accelerates. Even though it’s not the fastest scooter we’ve ridden, maintaining a constant speed is much easier on the Eagle because the throttle is responsive but not too sensitive. Whether you’re starting from zero or trying to maintain your speed, we found it easy to control.

One place where the ride quality does come up short is that the steering bearings arrived massively over-tightened. It’s to the point where you can feel that the bearings have made permanent dents in the bearing races, giving the steering a tight, notchy feel.

Along with a squeaky front brake, we also noticed the famous Dualtron stem wobble, but found the stem creaking more annoying than the wobble. It’s a fairly quiet ride, until you use the brakes or put forward or aft pressure on the stem.

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro Features


Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - folded, full scooter, locked to deck

The Dualtron Eagle Pro measures 47 inches long by 24 inches wide by 47 inches tall with a folded height of 20 inches and folded width of 24 inches.

The Eagle Pro weighs 66 lbs so isn’t something you’d want to carry frequently, but is more portable than its counterparts given three things: folding stem, folding handlebars, and a locking clasp (securing the stem to the deck). None of the other extreme performance scooters come standard with this set of portability features.


The cockpit is well put together and appears very cohesive, with an all-black design mimicking the overall scooter’s design, tattooed with the Dualtron and Minimotors brand anywhere it can be placed.

The EY3 trigger throttle has a LCD display that is easy to read. The folding handlebar design feels rock solid, with spring-loaded clamps holding them in place. You can rotate and adjust some components along the handlebars, as they are not fixed/screwed in.

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - standalone buttons, eco/turbo mode, single/dual motor

One flaw in the cockpit design is the eco/turbo mode and single/dual motor buttons. The standalone buttons look good but do not indicate what mode you’re in, so you won’t know until you start riding. Standalone buttons on other extreme performance scooters stay pressed in or popped out when active/inactive.


Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - rear lights, deck

The Dualtron Eagle Pro has front and rear button lights on the deck, but no headlight. However, there’s seriously sweet lighting running down either side of the stem. It comes with a remote to adjust the colors and effects of the swag lighting, which you can show off while night riding.

As always, we recommend a high-mounted headlight and rear-mounted, blinking red light for visibility, especially when riding at night. Making sure others see you is as important as you being able to see where you’re going.

For riding at night, you’ll definitely need more lighting for better visibility.


Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - rear tire, hub motor, suspension, rim

Partnering 10.0-inch air-filled tires with dual disc brakes is the most effective combination for safety, as they help you stop fast and handle terrain.

Also, the Eagle Pro has split rims, making it easier to swap inner tubes when you get flats.

Read more about preventing and repairing flats.


Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - deck

The deck on the Dualtron Eagle Pro is sizable, measuring 19.8 inches long by 9.5 inches wide with 5.8 inches of ground clearance.

Like other parts of the scooter, it’s an all-black design with the logo down the center. Grip tape runs the length of the deck in three strips, and there’s a clip at the rear end to hook the stem — holding it in place –for easier transport.

Build Quality

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro - Dualtron logo, stem

The build of the Dualtron Eagle Pro is durable and cohesive, with surprising portability for a scooter in the extreme performance class. Some aspects of the build leave us wanting more, like the squeaky front brake (enough to call attention of passersby when braking for a stop sign), creaky stem, and shorter than average handlebar height. However, the overall performance, namely the excellent suspension, makes up for these shortcomings for (some of) the ESG team.

One other thing to note is that the Eagle Pro has the shortest deck to handlebar height in the extreme performance class, and has one of the shortest heights of all scooters we’ve ever tested. The deck to handlebar height on the Eagle Pro is 37.8 inches. This may not be a problem but, depending on your height and rider stance, may keep your arms further extended than on other scooters of this caliber.

Suitable for riders up to 270 lbs, the Dualtron Eagle Pro is a solid extreme performer with some quirks.

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro: Review Conclusions

Dualtron Eagle Pro Folded

When it comes down to brass tacks, we really like the Dualtron Eagle Pro, which has an exceptional ride, great speed, and good looks. We’d love it more if it were a little quieter and had upgraded brakes, but completely understand the appeal of this top-selling Minimotors model. You’re getting road-ripping speed, but not necessarily the head-whipping power that can throw you off the scooter at the start line. We’re good with that.

Getting used to some of its quirks, like the noisiness, is really not a huge tradeoff when it comes to how the progressive, great-feeling suspension creates comfortable ride quality.

Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.

If the Minimotors line doesn’t fit your needs, check out our ESG Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.

Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro Specifications

Note: These specification are provided by the manufacturer and may differ from our real-world testing.

ModelDualtron Eagle Pro
Weight66 lb
Folded dimensions47 by 24 by 20 in
Motor power, continuous1800 W
Top speed40 mph
Range50 mi
Battery capacity1344 Wh
Battery recharge time12.8 hrs
Max rider weight270 lb
Brake typeDisc + Disc
Tire type10.0 in Pneumatic (Inner Tube) + Pneumatic (Inner Tube)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceNone



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