NIU KQi2 Pro Review: Best Under $600 Scooter in 2022?

NIU has the strong potential to rival Segway-Ninebot. We don’t say that lightly. Having made over 2-million mopeds and now jumping into electric scooters with the NIU KQi2 Prothey have the experience and trajectory to really shake things up.

Apollo City Pro Review: Most Integrated Scooter of 2022

Apollo is calling the City Pro “the Most Integrated Scooter of 2022, and in this review, we’ll show you why. We examine its state-of-the-art build and show why the totally redesigned (and now dual-motor) City Pro is not just a sequel to the ever-popular Apollo City, but actually a fundamental step forward in the company’s evolution.

Kaabo Mantis V2 Review: a New Gold Standard for Scooters

...we reveal why the updated Mantis sets a *new standard for the electric scooter industry,* with a base model that actually beats the performance of more expensive pro-grade e-scooters of the past with its long-range, fast acceleration, and smooth ride.