This is What the Future Looks Like–Apollo’s New Hyperscooter is Finally Here!

2022 has been an action-packed year for the electric scooter space. We’ve gotten groundbreaking technology, futuristic aesthetics, range, and SPEED from new entrants; some of our favorites being the  ANYHILL UM-2, the Segway GT series, and the New Apollo City.

On June 1st, at the Micro-mobility Europe 2022  Conference, Apollo’s CEO and Co-Founder announced the release of the Apollo Pro–an innovative and tech-forward scooter release. It’s no secret that all of us here love Apollo’s scooters, and we love them all–the City, Phantom, Ghost, name it. 

With this new release, we get Apollo’s first Hyper Scooter. The scooter brings you top-tier performance, IoT integrations, and a range of customization options. Apollo only just released the reimagined Apollo City and the City Pro, which have been a massive hit. Regardless, Apollo promises that the Pro will be an even greater spectacle for scooterists worldwide.

The improved Apollo stems from months of sifting through consumer feedback, an intense R&D process, and a product design phase stretched over 12-months. The Apollo Pro draws from everything they’ve learned from the Ghost, and Phantom and you can expect a whole bunch of amped-up features that amplify the Pro’s safety, efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Apollo has not settled on a retail price, but the scooter definitely carries a premium price tag. It’s rumored that the Pro will retail for about $3599. It is currently only available on reserve, with distribution set to begin in Q1 of 2023.

What to Anticipate?

Believe the hype! The Apollo Pro definitely has the makings of a new ‘King of Everything,’ but let’s not jump the gun. Here’s what you can expect:

The New MACH 1 Controller

There’s lots to anticipate, but let’s start with the biggest one–the proprietary MACH 1 controller. The tech here does more than just powering the scooter. It introduces GPS connectivity and 10 sensors, allowing it to collect 22 data points every second. What’s impressive about that? Well, this allows users to enjoy a new and improved riding experience. Safety is also at the heart of this upgrade, with features such as fall detection, theft deterrence, and (in the short future) collision warning. With the MACH 1 controller, the Pro can offer a much more seamless and enjoyable experience for its users.

No Display

What’s there to anticipate about ‘No Display’, right? 

Wrong! The Apollo Pro may come with no integrated display, but it offers the best alternative display and one that you already love and can’t do without–your smartphone. They’ve stripped off the display and, in its place, given you a phone holder and quite the companion app. 

The companion app is great for the customization options that riders will have at their disposal. However, how seamlessly it will integrate with the riding experience remains to be seen.

A  glimpse at the Apollo Pro’s phone-display 

The phone holder comes with wireless charging enabled, which is essentially millennial clickbait (read, wall huggers). Riders can keep tabs on riding metrics on the go. You can also tinker with different settings such as light effects, speed, acceleration, etc. The phone as a display falls squarely in line with the people-first design principles promised by Apollo.


We get to have our cake here and eat it too! That’s what the 12’’ x 3.5’’ pneumatic self-healing tires guarantee. Riders steer clear of pneumatics because who wants to change tiny tires every time you cruise over a stray nail or broken glass? But pneumatics offer the best stability and ride comfort. So, what does Apollo do? Large self-healing tires. The inner gel lining seals punctures the minute they occur, eliminating the hassle of tire maintenance from your scooter routine.

The move from Apollo’s usual 10’’ to 12’’ tires is also pretty welcome, as the larger 12’’ tires roll better over obstacles and facilitate better handling. On the other hand, the thickness helps improve grip, stability, and traction even in poor road conditions. Combined with the ginormous, sturdy deck and the proven reliable suspension set-up we know Apollo to have, the ride quality is going to be one for the books. This particular model will  be equipped with dual Hydraulic Suspension

A brand new take on Apollo’s hydraulic suspension


This is Apollo’s first attempt at a hyper scooter, so we didn’t expect them to sleep on the numbers. The dual motors will have you bursting through traffic at a neck-breaking top speed of 60mph, which we know many of you can’t wait to test. This puts it with top scooters like the Vsett 10+, Wolf Warrior X Pro, Segway GT 2, and Dualtron Victor. And if that’s not enough, how about a 3-seconds acceleration to the 19mph mark? 

Hyper Far

Apollo says you can do a ridonculous 62 miles on this baby without needing to recharge. Road Trip anyone? As usual, we can’t wait to take her out on our “range date” to see whether she lives up to the ‘hype.’


You might think that speed and power are the only essential elements in a hyper scooter. They’re not. Braking, power, and speed make up the trifecta for extreme performers. Yes, it can jet to rubber-burning speeds, but can it stop on a dime? The Apollo has a set of dual drum brakes, which historically have been unpopular with hyper scooters due to their subpar performance when compared to disk brakes.  Don’t be fooled though, while these brakes may appear low-tech, they’re actually cutting edge. Apollo uses thumb-controlled regenerative braking in combination with mechanical brakes, just like on the Apollo City. In this case, we expect them to be even stronger, delivering exceptional braking, low maintenance, and most importantly safety. 

Addition of the thumb style throttle for regenerative braking 

Overall Build Quality

A lot of effort went into designing the Apollo Pro, and it shows. Since Apollo moved their design in-house, their scooter releases have been luxurious and at the front of technology. 

The newly released Pro scooter looks more aggressive yet retains a sleek attractiveness to it. You can see the Phantom’s DNA at its core, but the Pro comes with all the bends, seams, and edges smoothed out. The bolts are hidden and the wires are tucked away under the body panels, making this the most premium-looking scooter out of the house of Apollo yet. The City Pro is a close contender.

An overview of the scooter’s aesthetics

The body is mostly made of aluminum, with almost no plastic parts. The deck is covered in rubberized anti-slip material. On the rear end, you find a modified kick plate that’s hollow to also serve as a lifting handle when carrying the folded scooter. The large wheels give the scooter decent ground clearance–they are also covered by tire hugging fenders that seem to hover independently over the wheel.

The scooter has undergone rigorous testing for quality certification. The innovative solutions guarantee maximum safety, intuitive mechanisms, durability, reduced maintenance, and a better riding experience.


The Apollo Pro’s lights in full glimmer

Forget keeping a low profile. If you can’t see it, it’s probably not the Pro! This speedster comes with a 360-degree lighting profile– a high-mounted headlight, taillight, handlebar turning signals, rear large turning signals, and color-changing deck lights. 


There’s a new wave of experimental kickstand designs in recent scooter releases that we’re living for. We saw it first with the AnyHill UM-2 and now see it with Apollo’s Pro–it’s the center kickstand. This design comes out under the deck, making it safer and more convenient. The improved stability also reduces possible instances of toppling over.

Built-in Speaker 

This Pro comes with a built-in speaker, allowing you to listen to your tunes on the go.

Water Resistance Rating

It’s a new record broken! With an IP56 water resistance rating, this would be one of the most waterproofed scooters we’ve tested. Riders can thank the well-tucked screws and the uniform seal around the deck that contribute to the waterproof rating and subsequent peace of mind.

Security and Anti-Theft Measures

The scooter comes with enhanced safety features that would make stealing the scooter a Pro-blem. The thing with premium purchases is you can’t leave anything to chance. For the first time ever on an Apollo scooter (and many others, if we’re being honest), you can enjoy easy tracking by use of the integrated SIM card that’s detectable on the app within a 16 ft radius. If you suspect foul play, the app allows you to activate the alarm system or even remotely lock the scooter! Furthermore, the scooter only operates within the vicinity of the registered phone device. When ridden away from the phone’s Bluetooth range, the locking mechanism and alarm activate automatically, and a direct notification is sent to the owner’s mobile device.

Warranty and Customer Support

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates. 

In a bid to improve upon the already adequate customer support, Apollo now offers Apollo Care,  an extended warranty for its customers. Owners within the US and Canada can pay $19.99 a month and gain access to regular checkups, on-demand support for maintenance, and other replacement needs.

Get ready to make space in your garage for the claimed new king of city commuting–the all-new Apollo Pro! You can’t get yours just yet–but the first batch is set to meet customers between Q4 2022 and early 2023. Get on the reservation list by paying a $20 fee and be among the first to experience what Apollo has cooked up with its first-ever hyper scooter.

We attended the Micromobility Europe Conference that was held in Amsterdam at the start of June, and we had the pleasure of having a sit down with Chris Rey, Apollo’s Chief Growth Office and Co-founder, as well as Eloi Pecquet, the Chief Technical Officer. They had interesting things to say about the future of micromobility. They also gave us background on what went into releasing the Apollo Pro (and the Apollo City)–the thought process, the engineering, the problems it addresses and how they think the Pro positions among other hyperscooters. It was interesting to hear their take about the evolution of scooters to what they are today–most interestingly, how Apollo’s Platform 2 is incorporating proprietary tech to drive further growth in perfromance and reliability. 

We have the full interview here, follow along to hear what else these industry experts had to say about Apollo and the future of micro-mobility.



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