Countdown to Launch! Apollo’s Redesigned “City” Scooter is 100% New and 100% Badass.

Apollo City, Pre-Launch Silhouette, Side View

A Longtime Editor’s Favorite, Now Truly Reimagined With Original Design

For years now, the original Apollo City has been a popular commuter-scoot for beginner and intermediate riders and a favorite among ESG staff. However, the flat oval deck and basic feature set of the Apollo City were starting to look a little dated next to modern, feature-rich scooters like the Phantom that have been coming our way in 2021 and 2022.

Pre-Orders begin March 23rd

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Then a few weeks ago, Apollo got everyone’s attention by releasing a short teaser video announcing that a new “Apollo City” scooter is on the way, after 12 months in the works for a complete redesign. Word is that they will start taking pre-orders on March 23rd. The extreme-close-up renders in the video revealed an unfamiliar silhouette, hinting at some significant, possibly game-changing features, especially to the suspension system.

Apollo City, Pre-Launch Silhouette, Rear View

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!NOTE – Apollo listened closely to launch feedback and was able to fit in a pre-production increase of battery life from 13.5aH to 18aH (33% increase)

This is for the Pro model only and the price has been increased by $100 (to $1799 USD and $1899 CAD). Rider weight limit is also now 265 lbs / 120 kg.

We’ve just unboxed the new City at ESG, and while we won’t spill the beans on it just yet, we can share these official teaser-photos and confirm that the looks and build are completely badass in person. It’s got some state-of-the-art stuff we have never seen before (cough cough self-healing-tubeless-ten-inch-tires cough cough), and other cool stuff, like the thumb-lever on the left side that looks and feels like a throttle but isn’t (more on that in our upcoming review).

Apollo City, Pre-Launch Silhouette, Front View

Highest IP Rating out of 198 Scooters

One of the groundbreaking features of the original Apollo City was that it came with an IP54 water resistance rating at a time when most scooters had none. When we asked about the new version, Apollo confirmed that the IP rating gets bumped all the way up to IP56, making it the highest in our database of 198 scooters.  

We’ve been rigorously testing the new Apollo City throughout this week, and can’t wait to see if the ride quality and performance live up to its original looks. Based on the previous City and our first peeks at the new Apollo App, our expectations are high. Is the world ready for this complete redesign from Apollo? We can’t wait to find out.



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