Top 5 Prime Day Electric Scooter Deals (updated hourly!)

Want an answer quick? Look at the rankings numbers for the best options this prime day for price, quality, and reliability.

Prime Day, Amazon’s annual event, is here! And if there’s something you’ve been hoping to snag yourself, there’s no time better than the present (at least till Black Friday and other Seasonal Sales). We’re here to let you in on the best deals for micromobility buys.

At ESG, we’ve hands-on tested more electric scooters than anyone in the world, and this is our take on the best deals on electric scooters for Prime Day 2022, which is actually two days: July 12th and 13th. 

Let’s get right into it!

Click on “Prime Day” and search for “Electric Scooter.” That’s the best way to see all the scooters. However, it’s important that you know that:

Going with sketch brands on Amazon can end up being super cheap to buy, but very expensive long term (if the scooter breaks and you have no support or you get hurt).

Scooters are real vehicles, not toys, and with that comes dangers of it breaking, the need for good maintenance options, and the very high importance of safety and reliability.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying E-scooters During a Sale

It’s easy to get carried away during a sale, and often, there’s not enough time to do proper research since you’re short of time, and the stock runs out fast. You wouldn’t buy milk without checking the expiry date–similarly, there are some things you need to know before adding that discounted scooter to your cart.

  • Know the actual price of the item you’re about to cop, to avoid falling for marketing gimmicks. Check out the ESG database to see the scooter’s regular pricing and check that price against the claimed discount. 
  • The manufacturer-stated range and top speed are often off. We have hands-on tested many of the scooters you’ll come across, and you can cross-check the actual metrics on our database or check out an independent review of your scooter of choice on our YouTube channel.
  • Cheap is expensive. There are many tradeoffs involved when you opt for cheap and generic (more on that below) scooters. Do your research–a quick browse through a buying guide can help you get the gist of what you need to look out for.
  • Buying a scooter is not the only way to own one today. Unagi offers a no commitment, zero hassle model, with subscription fees as low as $49 a month (The Model One sells for $990 new), which you can cancel anytime. This sort of ownership plan gets you a quality scooter affordably. Therefore, really weigh your options.

A Warning On More Sketchy Brands (they can be tempting!)

As you browse through Prime deals, you will inevitably come across many cheap scooters. The most important advice we can give you is that a lot of them are from brands you absolutely should absolutely avoid! Trust us when we tell you that unless you’ve done a ton of research on your own, you’ll want to stick with name-brand scooters.

The primary reason to opt for name-brands is the warranty and customer support. In general, you want to be careful when purchasing electronics, particularly scooters. It’s great to have Amazon in your corner, but don’t forget that once the Amazon return window is over, you’ll still have the manufacturer warranty backing you up if you go with a name-brand scooter. 

For the scooters, we’ll recommend on this list, simply reach out to customer service via the manufacturer’s website in case of any issues with your purchase. That’s the name brand advantage.

And while new electric scooters run smoothly, you need to preempt a situation where you’d need spare parts. Name brand scooters mostly have easy access to parts, whether through their dealership chains or by shipping directly to consumers. With generic brands, you’ll play Cinderella’s shoe game, trying to see which of the available parts fits your scooter.

However, we also have to caution that even with name brands, you need to ensure that there’s a quality guarantee and that the company is highly reputable.

One Name Brand You Should Avoid

Our classic case is GOTRAX. Yes, they are one of the name brands on Amazon, but many people don’t realize the warranty is only 90 days, which does not inspire manufacturer confidence in the product. For this reason and others, we avoid recommending them. Their customer service is also terrible to interact with, and the company generally has a longstanding poor reputation. Recently, their prices aren’t much cheaper than alternatives too, and this is an overall trend we’ve seen in the industry, beyond just Prime Day.

If you opt for one, choose the cheapest possible option and stay aware of the tradeoffs (ie if you’re going to spend $400 or more, consider an alternative).

The Best Prime Day Electric Scooter Deals, Ranked

NIU KQi2 Pro – #1 Option

this image shows the NIU KQi2 Pro. The KQi2 Pro and the KQi3 Pro are the best models (not the Sport version of the KQi3)

It is one of the first scooters that pops up and is actually one of the very best, and the best deal from NIU.

About the brand

For about a decade, NIU has been the world’s largest high-volume manufacturer of electric vehicles–having manufactured about 3 million electric mopeds. Their entry into the electric scooter space is exciting since they bring their experience in regards to solving commuters’ problems and the build quality of their devices. They have three models on the market; the KQi3 Pro, the KQi3 Sport, and the KQi2 Pro.

Price Comparison to Normal

The KQi2 Pro is on sale right now for $449.25, which is the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Price Comparison to Market

The KQi2 Pro usually retails for about $599. This is one of the best value for money, as the scooter is uncompromising in its design, quality, and performance. The KQi2 Pro also delivers great ride quality thanks to the 10 inch pneumatic tires, the ultra-solid stem that is great for handling, and the scooter’s geometry that accommodates a wide range of rider heights.

Who it’s for

The KQi2 Pro is a great scooter for newbies and beginner riders. It is easy to ride, inexpensive and reliable. For riders with some experience and those that like instant power, the lack of a zero start can be frustrating.


It has a claimed maximum range of 25 miles and an ESG tested 16 miles on our urban range test course. We test all our scooters in top performance mode and typically usually get about 60% of the claimed range in real-world riding conditions. Therefore, the KQi2’s range is actually a little higher than usual.

Top Speed

We tested the KQi2 Pro and got the max speed as 16 mph. We consider this reading to be above average since, at this price point, most scooters usually give us about 15 mph. The dash read 17 mph at some point, consistent with the scooter’s claimed top speed of 17 mph. However, just like cars, scooter speedometers run 5% to 10% higher to help keep you out of trouble. 

What it’s Like to Ride

Riders will enjoy rolling on the 10 inch air-filled tires that deliver an ultra-smooth ride. You get good braking–impossible to get wrong, but you need to squeeze firmly to bring the scooter to a halt.  


NIU offers one of the most incredible warranties on the market–a 2-year warranty. The industry standard is 12 months, which says alot about the quality guarantee offered by NIU.

Hiboy S2 (#2 Option) and S2 Pro (#8 Option)

The Hiboy S2 Pro and the S2 are two variations of Hiboy’s budget line–the S2 series. They are minimalistic but efficient, which is why they captured our attention.

About the Brand

 Hiboy is a less expensive brand we’ve had our eye on for a while because their scooters have great performance per dollar. They have four lines: the S2 series, the MAX series, the NEX series, and the Titan (the performance) series. Hiboy keeps things simple in the design department, but that’s not to say that their offerings are flimsy, no. Each subsequent scooter’s performance and ride quality is that of more expensive offerings. 

Price Comparison to Normal

The S2 Pro is currently on sale for $532. Usually, the scooter goes for about $650.

Price Comparison to Market

$532 is a good price, but honestly, it’s not a great price. It’s not uncommon at all to find the S2 Pro on sale for $550. Also, if anyone is shopping on a $550 budget, there’s a much better alternative than the Hiboy S2 Pro, though not a bad scooter (or the GoTrax models listed at this price) and that’s the NIU line of scooters. The ride quality and build quality are just better, and the aim is to get equal or better value than the money we spend.

But, we will turn you on to a better deal on the base S2. If you want the Prime Day “Crazy Sale” on the S2, it’s actually not on Amazon. Use our coupon code on the manufacturer’s website, where the S2 is currently listed at $440. If you use the coupon code, you actually get it at just $418.

Who it’s for

The scooter is a good buy for city commuters, especially ones completely averse to changing tires. The solid, never-flat tires are only really good on paved and well-maintained roads due to their inferior shock absorption. However, the S2 and S2 Pro do come with rear suspension to smoothen out the occasional bump or cracks on the road. 

The S2 Pro and the S2 scooters are also relatively fast, going an ESG certified 19 mph, which is enough to get you to your destination fast, especially through traffic snarl-ups.


We tested the S2 on our usual range test course. The S2 gave us 13 miles of range against a manufacturer-stated 17 miles. As usual, our test was done in top performance mode, hitting the throttle hard. Unfortunately, we haven’t range-tested the Pro model, but its bigger battery suggests a real-world range of about 15 miles. 

What it’s Like to Ride

While we understand the value of maintenance-free tires, you cannot compare their ride quality with that of pneumatics. That said, Hiboy uses the honeycomb variety of solid tires, which means the tires come with cutouts that have a little more give than fully solid rubber wheels. 

This means the ride quality is improved, but only by so much. 


The scooter comes with a standard one-year warranty, though Hiboy only covers the motor and battery for 6 months. Also, according to customer reviews, the response times from customer service aren’t always the best, so keep that in mind when purchasing one of their scooters.

There’s the S2. Just don’t.

UNAGI Monthly Lease – #3 Option

The Unagi E500 needs no introduction, but we’re all about equality and will accord it the same honors. Unagi came up with a subscription model that can only be likened to what Netflix meant for Blockbuster movies. The zero hassle, no commitment model made scooters broadly available and affordably so.

About the Brand

We’re including Unagi’s Prime Day discount even though the deal isn’t actually listed on Amazon. We reason that people looking for Prime Deals are looking for low barriers to trying out an electric scooter, and Unagi’s offer happens to be the lowest there is. 

Price Comparison to Normal and to Market

You can rent a scooter that usually costs $990, starting at $49 a month with all maintenance costs covered (and with quick service times) and damage and theft insurance for the cheapest prices you’ll find anywhere. 

Unagi also has a Prime Day discount for $60 off your first two months if you sign up before July 17th.

Who it’s for

The Unagi is surprisingly a scooter for everyone. It is the first dual-motor on this list, making it an excellent hill climber and quick to 20 mph. And despite the two motors, it is ultraportable and lightweight, thanks to the materials, like carbon fiber, used in its design. The Unagi also has quite the ergonomic design, and as a bonus, this is an e-scooter that will win the respect of both friends and strangers. 

But with this lightweight design comes tradeoffs of range (9 miles) and suspension. So, you’ll want to ride your Unagi within the city where it thrives the most.

Segway E22 – #4 Option

The E22 is a sequel to one of Segway’s biggest sellers, the ES2/S4. This low-profile member of the E series is remarkably stable and one of the best scooters for a beginner rider. Riders learning the ropes will greatly appreciate its ease of use and limited top speed. 

Price Comparison to Normal 

The scooter is currently on sale for $400, which is listed as 27% off the normal retail price of $550. We don’t have access to the scooter’s price history, though we do know that the street price is about $499, so you’ll definitely save some coins.

Price Comparison to Market

Again, getting a deal on a Segway scooter is always a steal. However, we have caveats for this one that you’ll want to learn about before filling up your shopping basket. 

Who it’s for

If you’re in need for speed, then the E22 is the last scooter you should be contemplating over. In fact, it is the slowest scooter on our list today, which is saying something. It has a tested top speed of 12 mph, which is just not enough for many people, especially not at its price point.


The Segway E22 also has a small battery that gives you a measly 10 miles of range.

It almost feels like, “Why would anyone get this scooter in the first place?” Well, the E22 has a couple of unique things about it. You can add an external battery for $229, which automatically bumps the top speed to an ESG-certified 16 mph and doubles the range if you keep your riding speed at 13 mph.

What it’s Like to Ride

The other really cool thing about the E22 is the tires. It’s the only scooter we’ve tested with tires filled with Polyurethane foam. What this means is that the tires are flat-proof, but the ride is almost as smooth as a scooter with air-filled tires.


Like the F series, the E22 comes with a one-year warranty. However, the most expensive part, the battery, is only covered for 180 days. 

NIU KQi3 Pro – #6 Option

The KQi3 Pro is the performance scooter in NIU’s line of electric scooters. The value is unmatched, thanks to NIU’s large production capacity that helps them produce great scooters while keeping costs low.

Price Comparison to Normal

The KQi3 Pro is on sale right now for $599, which is also the lowest price we’ve seen. However, it’s not super uncommon to find it at this price on Amazon.

Price Comparison to Market

The pricing is moderate at best relative to what this scooter can do. From the 700 w peak power motor to the 365 wh battery capacity to the dual mechanical disk brakes (the cheapest scooter with dual disc braking) and regenerative braking, this is quite the smoking deal.

Who it’s for

 The KQi3 Pro is slightly more powered than the KQi2 Pro, hence good for intermediate riders or riders with some semblance of experience. The braking is stronger and can be overwhelming for complete newbies.


The KQi3 Pro’s claimed range is 31 miles under ideal conditions, but we were able to cover 21 miles on our range test course in top performance mode riding full throttle almost the entire time. The range is courtesy of the 486 wh battery. 

Top speed

The ESG tested top speed was 19 mph via GPS, and it indicated 20 mph on the dash (which is the claimed top speed), a typical result. The extra top speed is nice to have when passing bikes in the bike lane. 

What it’s like to ride

NIU downgraded the KQi2’s 10 inch to 10 inch air-filled tires. The KQi3 delivers a smooth ride, but not quite as smooth as the KQi2 Pro. However, the ride still feels as super solid and high quality as the KQi2 Pro.


The KQi3 comes with the same amazing 24-month warranty as the smaller KQi2 Pro.

Segway F-Series – #9 Option

The new line by Segway, the F series, has been immensely successful. It seems like it’s intended to replace the S2 and the S4. For Prime Day deals, only the F25 (the less powerful one) is listed as discounted.

About the brand

Segway is one of the most trusted and definitely the largest scooter companies in the world. When it comes to personal mobility, Segway definitely knows what they are doing. How good are they? When they launched a crowdfunding effort in Korea for the F20, they achieved 2000% of the amount they needed within 57 minutes. 

Price Comparison to Normal

The F25 is currently listed as discounted to $468. However, the price history indicates that the price went up from $397.49, where it stood all last week. This discounted price is therefore not the best we’ve seen.

Price Comparison to Market

Getting a Segway at either price is quite the steal, given that these are industry leaders and are known for remarkable quality. The only compromise with the F25 is that you don’t get too much mileage off its smaller battery. If range on your Ninebot is a priority, go for the F30 or the F40.

Who it’s for

With a 250 Watt motor and a claimed top speed of 16 miles per hour, this is going to be best suited for new riders on flat ground. The claimed range is 12 miles, and while we haven’t hands-on tested the F25, the small battery size suggests that we’d get about 8 miles of range from it in real-world conditions. 

What it’s Like to Ride

We’ve heard from one rider who says the 10 inch pneumatic tires provide a good level of shock absorption. The large tires also deliver low rolling resistance making the scooter easier to maneuver, while the wear-resistant tread ensures that you always have good traction.


Warranty wise it’s covered for one year, but the most expensive part, the battery, is only covered for 180 days. 

Other Prime Day Deals if You’ve Got a Tad More Budget

To end this list, we’ll give you two scooter recommendations you can’t beat. They are not listed on Amazon (update: the UM-2 is, for $180 off), but if you’re after value for money, it doesn’t get better than these two scooters. Both scooters are also featured on our recently debuted list of Best Scooters of 2022-2023–and we’re the scooter experts, so our word’s gotta count for something, right?

ANYHILL UM-2, Best Swappable Battery, Best for Heavy Riders – #5 Option

UPDATE: The UM-2 is $180 off for Prime Day and on Amazon too!

The UM-2 stands out for its ultra-light removable battery, an ultra-high 300 lbs rider weight limit, and a ride so stable that we were doing 180 turns and ballet on it. It’s got a long, roomy deck, 10 inch air-filled tires, and an above-average 450-watt motor. Acceleration, hill climbing, and braking performance are all exceptional, with the main negative being the display and bulkier design. The UM-2 is an excellent Ninebot Max alternative, and Anyhill is one of the top new brands this year.

Apollo Air (2022) – #7 Option

This one is a higher-end scooter, and you can absolutely feel the difference in ride quality. 

The Apollo Air retails for $1,200 and is on sale for $999, and for Prime Day includes two free accessories. It’s an ESG long-time favorite, with the best handling in its class, from the grippy 10 inch air-filled tires and front suspension that really works. The Air gets a massive upgrade for 2022, with a much larger battery capacity and extremely powerful 500W motor while still being under $1000. Our take is that the Air is a top option for entry-level customers that are willing to pay a bit extra for quality–which also includes a great app and top-shelf support. 



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