The Äike T – This NEW Scooter Company Has Some Personality!

If you love electric scooters, then you need to watch this video. In it, Paul provides commentary on the introduction of The T by Äike.

We find Äike hilarious, and we hope they do well.

Meet Kristjan Maruste, the “Spiritual Leader” of Äike.

The T is “the First Scooter with USB-C charging” (100% true). And first with (their words) “Raw Sex Appeal” – see it here:

It’s exciting to see a company backed by Comodule (the leading micromobility IoT company in the world, having connected 500,000 vehicles at this point, including Super73) entering the space. This nets out to great innovation industry-wide.

USB-C Charging

As a side note, in our video Paul is unsure about how a USB-C charger will make your scooter charge quickly. But the smart people at Äike (shoutout to Konrad) fact-checked us. We apologize for our mistake and always want to get this stuff right.

We clearly have more to learn about USB-C protocol:

“Wattage can be 60 to 100W (if you have the right charger block, and laptop ones tend to have ~60), and the EU has regulations enforcing mass usage by 2024. As the new PD 3.1 protocol spreads, it will eventually be up to 240W with time.”

Let’s check out this crazy scooter with USB-C charging and raw sex appeal (you can be the judge of that).

What is The T by Äike?

Well, says Kristjan, it is the ride of your life.

Its durably built, puncture-resistant tires can handle even the most radical rides. Forget the old Nokia phone, Äike is the new unbreakable kid on the block.

Walking on water? Old news, says Kristjan. What about riding in water? Fish, submarines, and water equipment aside, Äike is probably the most waterproof thing ever created.

Äike can hold up to 150 kilograms at the same time. That’s roughly the average weight of a single sumo wrestler. But you don’t have to become one to ride the Äike electric scooter. But you can, if you really want to.

Keeping Your Äike T Safe

If someone tries to steal your Äike you’ll get an immediate notification on your app, triggering the brake locks on your scooter and kicking off the alarm.

You don’t have to have any previous knowledge about e-scooters to own an Äike. Äike and its parts are made in Europe, making service and maintenance lightning fast. This is as close as you can get to Formula One racing.

Do you like the sea? Asks Kristjan.

Don’t spend a moment without your Äike e-scooter. Simply fold it up, pack it in, and the world is your oyster.

Having watched the video, we had a few points to note:

Floatation device

What type of floatation device was used to keep the electric scooter afloat, and is it part of the toolkit?

Water resistance

With all this emphasis on water resistance, we’re super curious to find out what the IP rating of the electric scooter is.

(To show you how waterproof the scooter is, in the video, Kristjan throws it in the sea.)

European manufacturing

Manufacturing in Europe is also pretty unusual and could come in handy considering all the stuff with supply chains these days.

The wheels

They don’t mention the wheels, but the fact that they’re mounted from one side would make it super easy to change tires.

So that’s something we’re pretty excited about.

Drum brakes

We also love that it appears to have drum brakes which we think is an underrated kind of brakes because they just don’t wear out and they’re not as grabby as disc brakes can be.

Big weight limit

They mentioned the big weight limit – 150 kilograms, that’s like 330 pounds. That’s roughly the average weight of a single sumo wrestler, which is really on the high end of what we usually see with electric scooters.

ESG Conclusion

We’ll definitely need to take the Äike to a skate park when we get one to test, but we probably won’t throw it in the lake when we’re done with it.

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