Synergy Tsunami Electric Scooter P-Settings Guide


We put the Synergy Tsunami to the test, and it didn’t disappoint – we tested out a few different settings until we found that sweet spot – the perfect combination for a smooth and powerful ride. We found that making a few changes alone resulted in improved responsiveness and overall performance.

To replicate these settings, you need a few minutes of tweaking certain elements such as throttle sensitivity, Zero start option, cruise control, and regen strength to get the best results. 

By using our now-proven setup, you too can have a tailor-made experience on your electric Scooter 

To enter P-settings:

  • Hold both the Power and mode buttons down at the same time. The Mode button is the one with a Gear symbol on it.
  • “So” and _ _ _ _ will appear
  • Enter the code “2626”(use the Mode button to increase the number in each position, and once you have it correct, Press Mode to advance to the next position.
  • Once all 4 are entered, hold the power button down to enter P-settings
DescriptionOriginal ValueESG-Performance Settings
P00 Tire Diameter               10                          Don’t change
P01 Cut-Off Voltage                   480                  Don’t change
P02 Number of Magnets15Don’t change
P031Don’t change
P04 speed unit of measurement  (0= km/h, 1=mph)                               0 (km/h)0 = km/h or 1 = mph depending on your preference and system
P05 Start Options (0 = Zero Start 1 = Kick Start)10
P06  Cruise Control (0 = cruise on, 1 = off)01
P07(0 = soft start 1 = hard)        0       1 (says “N-soft” on screen)
P08 Output Power(0 to 100%)33%100 %
P09 Regen Strength21 or 0

We’ve gone through the trial-and-error process, so you don’t have to, and our suggested settings provide an excellent jumping-off point. However, bear in mind that everyone’s individual needs are different; if something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to make adjustments until it meets your own requirements.

Also, make sure you check out our full review of the Synergy Tsunami Electric Scooter and see what we have to say about it.



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