Zero 8 & Zero 9 P-Setting

To Access P-settings

Step 1. Simultaneously hold both power and mode buttons for 3-4 seconds.

Step 2. Use the power button to cycle through the setting.

Step 3. Use the mode button to change a setting.

Step 4. You can cycle to the next P setting by clicking the power button.

P-setting Descriptions

P1: LCD brightness: Set to 3 for brightest. The drain on the battery is minimal.

P2: Mileage display in Miles or Kilometers

P3: Voltage: set to 48 for the ZERO 8.

P4: Dormancy time: Recommend setting at 10 minutes so it does not turn off at traffic lights.

P5: Unused

P6: Wheel diameter in inches: set to 8 for the ZERO 8

P7: # of magnets on motor: set to 28

P8: Power Level: set to 100 to not limit your power. Lower settings could be used if desired.

P9: Zero start: set to 0 for zero start, set to 1 for kick-start. I highly recommend setting to 1 so that the scooter does

not drive when someone accidentally pulls the throttle.

P10: unused.

P11: Electronic Braking level. 1-5 but I recommend 3 or 4.

P12: Soft or high acceleration. 1 is soft start; 5 is high torque start. Set as desired.

P13: unused

P14: unused

P15: Controller cutoff voltage: Set to 39 for ZERO 8

P16: Zero-ing of the Odometer

P17: Cruise control: set to 0 for beginners. Set to 1 for advanced riders. Cruise control will start automatically when speed is maintained. Cruise will turn off when the break or throttle is activated. Cruise control can be dangerous if you are not an experienced rider.

P18 – P20: unused

P-setting Fault Codes

2 – Brake 10 – faulty comms between controller and LCD

4 – 6kmh cruise 11 – faulty comms between controller and LCD

6 – battery under voltage 12 – BMS failure

7 – motor faulty 13 – headlight failure

9 – controller faulty



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