Electric Scooter Use Data

How do owners use their electric scooters?  This guide uses data collected from the 2018 r/ElectricScooter survey to explore rider use trends.

Personally Owned Electric Scooter Use Data

This data shows that electric scooter owners ride quite a bit — an average of 4 days per week and 7 miles per day.  This translates into 1456 miles per year and is quite similar to annual bicycle usage.  

How Many Days per Week Do Electric Scooter Owners Ride?

Scooter owners reported that they ride an average of 4 days per week, with about 40% reporting that they ride at least 5 days per week.

How Many Miles per Day Do Electric Scooter Owners Ride?

Electric scooter owners ride their scooters an average of 7 miles per day with a median of 6 miles per day.

More Electric Scooter Data

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