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The Apollo Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit Turns the V2 into a Ludo Rocket

Apollo Phantom V2 deck

The Wait for the Apollo Phantom V3 Is Almost Over

Can’t Stand It? Never fear, the Apollo Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit is here and on sale with the Phantom V2!

Since its introduction to the lineup of Apollo scooters, the Phantom has been a fan favorite. Like much of the company’s evolving lineup, it’s an electric scooter designed from the ground up by and for serious riders, rather than a generic scooter with a company logo on the stem. The Phantom is an electric scooter lover’s electric scooter, and deserves the high praise it receives.

Apollo has finally announced the 2023 Version 3 of the beloved Phantom, arriving next month, March 15 and retailing for $2,399 USD. And yes, the rumors are true – the Phantom V3 will include ludicrous mode as one of its standard options, confirming the enduring popularity of the EV speed boost named by Tesla (who took the name from the vintage Star Wars spoof, Spaceballs).

But also, you may have heard, there’s no need to wait for major upgrades to the Phantom platform thanks to the Apollo Phantom V3 upgrade kit for the beloved Phantom V2 electric scooter, which is now on sale for $200 off in both the mechanical and hydraulic disc version. The sale also includes $150 off accessories, including the upgrade kit!

Owners of a 52V version of the Phantom V2, with either mechanical or hydraulic brakes, can get an upgraded display, upgraded throttle for smoother acceleration, thumb lever for regenerative braking, and an upgraded controller for a higher top speed with the V3 upgrade kit. (Unfortunately, the kit is not compatible with the 60V version.)

The kit comes with the same display and controller as the upcoming V3. With the V2’s quick connector, current Phantom owners can easily swap theirs out for the upgraded V3 versions. It’s also still a great time to buy an Apollo V2, and we’ll explain how the upgrade kit gives you virtually the same scooter for a couple hundred dollars less.

the apollo phantom v2

Is the Apollo Phantom Really a “Future-Proof” Electric Scooter?

The upgrade kit has been part of Apollo’s Phantom arsenal since the V1 when the company sent kits to early adopters free of charge after the release of the redesigned Phantom in 2022.

This time around, the kit is priced at $399, quite reasonable given what’s included. The upgrades may not dramatically increase resale value, but they do give the V2 pretty much every bell and whistle of the new version.

Since ESG has seen firsthand how well the Phantom V2 holds up after 1000 miles, it’s a safe bet that if you own one, it’s still in great shape and will be for many hundreds more miles to come.

If you’re thinking about buying a V2 at the current sale price, read that review first.

Does the V3 upgrade really “future proof” the V2 in the way the company intends? It’s true that the first version of the Apollo Phantom was superseded by the V2’s significant upgrades.

But in every iteration of its scooter line, Apollo has addressed real-world rider needs and concerns, and the upgrade kit gives riders what they want: practical tech that isn’t going away in the near future, and pretty much all the best upgrades of the V3 without the wait.

Apollo phantom v2

Four Ways Apollo’s Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit Makes the Amazing V2 Even Better

1. Ludo Mode for Faster, Smoother Acceleration

The biggest headline in upgrades for the 2023 Apollo Phantom is, of course, the addition of ludo mode, which could potentially (with some P-setting tweaks) give the V2 the kind of torque we experienced with the earlier Apollo Pro Ludicrous.

The kit includes Apollo’s proprietary M1 controller, the same controller in the new 2023 Apollo Pro and the upcoming Phantom V3.

The upgraded throttle is a responsive control that can push the scooter to extremes of acceleration or move it as slowly as it feels safe to ride.

apollo phantom v2 brakes

2. Variable Regenerative Braking

The V3 upgrade kit includes a separate thumb control for regenerative braking with the same sensitivity and responsiveness as the thumb throttle on the right, giving the scooter’s cockpit even more of the feel of a video game controller (and making it easier to cruise around at low speed).

Regenerative braking doesn’t only improve range (though it definitely helps re-charge the battery when used solely or in combination with mechanical brakes); regen brakes also eliminate total reliance on mechanical (or hydraulic) braking, meaning pads and rotors last longer and brake parts require less maintenance down the road.

The combination of thumb throttle and thumb-controlled brake lever gives the upgraded Phantom some very pleasing ergonomics, and make it especially suited for the longer rides you can take with regenerative braking.

apollo phantom v2 tires

3. Front Turn Signals

In our evaluation of the Phantom V2 at 1000 miles, we surveyed Phantom owners to find out what they liked and didn’t like about the electric scooter. The list of likes is long and includes features like the Phantom’s 10 x 3 inch tires, high-mounted headlight, and quad spring suspension system, all of which feature on the upcoming Phantom V3.

Phantom V2 owners’ list of dislikes is much shorter, just four concerns, and as we noted, the upgrade kit addresses each of them, from the top speed mode to the lack of front turn signals.

Front turn signals are included with the V3 upgrade kit installation, improving the V2’s already impressive list of lighting features.

Whether you buy the upgrade kit or wait for the V3, the turn signals are still mounted low on the deck, not the most visible of positions on electric scooters, as many commenters have pointed out.

But aside from turn signal placement, a fairly minor gripe, you can see in Apollo’s video introduction to the V3 just above how the latest upgrades make the Phantom’s operation even more intuitive than before.

apollo phantom v3 electric scooter display

4. New Display with Bluetooth Connectivity and Access to Apollo’s App

Front turn signals are a feature that’s sure to please everyone. Maybe not everyone will love the new display included in the V3 kit, especially riders who liked the unique hex design of the V1 and V2 displays. The new display is a rounded, half-lozenge shape, which looks better with the circular indicator, Apollo says.

The V3 display boasts double the refresh rate of the V2’s and has superior anti-glare properties. Maybe most importantly, it upgrades the V2 for Bluetooth connectivity, addressing one of the biggest frustrations Phantom owners have expressed and ensuring that riders can use their phones as secondary displays to further fine-tune the scooter’s settings, update firmware, and much more with Apollo’s innovative app.

apollo phantom v3 electric scooter with phone holder

Should You Still Buy the Phantom V2? Or Wait for the V3?

Since the Apollo Phantom V3 upgrade kit more or less turns the Phantom V2 into a V3 and you can buy the scooter and the kit for almost $400 off, the question remains, should potential Phantom buyers wait for the V3 or get a V2 with the kit and start riding? It’s definitely the best value for the money, we can say that for sure.

There was little reason in 2022 not to recommend the Phantom V2 as an incredible value in a high performance scooter and an all-around great ride. Now that it’s future-proofed with a quick install of a new controller, brighter display, and better throttle and brakes, we can’t see any reason to wait for a V3 if you’re on the fence. Read ESG’s full review of the Phantom series here and see how the upgrade kit hits all the right notes in the video just above.



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