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Electric Scooter Coupon Codes

Holiday Coupons and Deals

Unagi – Buy one (dual motor E450) get one 50% off – Coupon: ELECTRIC.SCOOTER.GUIDE.HOLIDAYValid: now to Dec 4

Unagi – 15% OFF – Coupon: – Valid: now till ?

GoTrax GXL V2 – 15% OFF ($235 after discount) – Coupon: electric-scooter.guideValid: Nov 28 to ?
TurboWheel Swift – $25 OFF ($825 after discount) – Coupon: 25OFFValid: Nov 25 to Dec 26
Swagtron – 5% OFF – Coupon: GIVING-IS-SWAGValid: now to Dec 31 (also gives 5% to Toys for Tots)

Nanrobot carries a line of low price, but high performance scooters, including the X4, X6, X7, D4+, D5+ (review), LS7, and RS11.

Coupon Code:

Coupon code applies to the D4+, D5+, LS7 and RS11 electric scooters.

Segway Ninebot Max Coupon Code

Gearbest is an international seller of the Segway Ninebot MAX. Unfortunately Gearbest is not shipping the MAX to the U.S.

Coupon Code: X38BBBADDAD8D001

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