Xiaomi Mi M365 vs Xiaomi M365 Pro

Xiaomi Mi M365 vs Xiaomi M365 Pro

We compare the venerable Xiaomi Mi M365 vs the new Xiaomi M365 Pro. Both electric scooters are deceptively similar. They have the same form factor, same design features, and share many of the same components. Both scooters feature the same 8.5″ pneumatic tires, same folding mechanism, and same types of disc brakes.

However, make no mistake, the M365 Pro is a significant upgrade to the world’s most popular scooter.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Pros

Xiaomi Mi M365 electric scooter on dock of lake
  • Lower 27 lb weight, making it easier to carry. For comparison, the M365 Pro weighs 31 lbs
  • Lower cost — around $400 when on sale.  Comparatively, the Xiaomi M365 Pro costs around $550 when on discount.
  • Slightly smaller form factor, making it easier to store and handle when folded.

Xiaomi M365 (Pro) Pros

Xiaomi Mi M354 Pro electric scooter
  • Remarkable 25.1 miles of real-world range, according to our range tests.  The added range is afforded by the 70% larger battery capacity of 474 watt-hours. The original M365 has a battery capacity of 280 watt-hours which gave a respectable 14.6 miles of real-world range.
  • Significantly improved hill-climbing capabilities. The PRO completed our hill climb test in 15.6 seconds, which took the M365 20.8 seconds.
  • Quicker acceleration on the flat due to larger 300-watt motor with greater 600 watt peak power output. The M365 has a smaller 250-watt motor that provides only 500 watts of peak power output. During our M365 PRO acceleration tests, it hit 15 mph (24 kmh) in 5.3 seconds compared to the original M365 which took 6.3 seconds.
  • Built-in information display that provides speed, battery, mode, and other information.
  • Larger deck gives a more comfortable ride. The new deck is approximately 5 cm longer and 1 cm wider than the original deck. Despite being only a modest increase in size, this greatly expands the possible riding positions and gives your feet more places to go. Switching back to the original M365 feels cramped after riding on the larger deck.

Xiaomi Mi M365 vs. M365 Pro Comparison

**Based on Electric Scooter Guide’s real-world performance testing and not manufacturer’s specs.

Xiaomi Mi M365Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro
MSRP (USD)$400$680
Top Speed**16.7 mph16 mph
Range**14.6 mi25.1 mi
Weight27 lb31 lb
0 to 15 mph**6.3 s5.3 s
15 to 0 mph**16.8 ft15.3 ft
Hill climb time**20.8 s15.6 s
Battery280 Wh474 Wh
Motor250 W300 W
Max rider weight220 lb220 lb
BrakesRegen + DiscRegen + Disc
IP ratingIP54IP54


Winner: M365 Pro

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is the clear winner of the two scooters if you can get it under $550. 

It delivers more range, power, and climbing capabilities than the original. Though both have the same top speed, the bigger motor gives more thrilling acceleration. For a modest bump in price, the M365 Pro adds a ton of extra value and extends the capabilities of an already fantastic scooter.

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Runner-up: Mi M365

If you don’t need the extra range or the Xiaomi Pro exceeds your price limit, then the M365 is still a fantastic scooter.

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