Xiaomi Mi M365 vs Unagi Model One Comparison

Xiaomi M365 vs Unagi Model One

We compare the Unagi Model One vs Xiaomi Mi M365 in this head-to-head comparison article.

The Model One — a new offering from Unagi — is the best designed and most premium electric scooter available on the market today. The Xiaomi M365 is the world’s most popular workhorse scooter.

How do they compare and which one is better?  Read on to find out!

Xiaomi Mi M365 Pros

Xiaomi Mi M365 electric scooter on dock of lake
  • Longer real-world range. The Unagi is less at 9.13 miles (14.7 km) vs the Xiaomi at 14.6 miles (13.5 km).
  • Ride quality on M365 is better due to larger (8.5 in vs 7.5 in) pneumatic (air-filled) tires.
  • Costs about ½ that of the more premium Unagi (E500).

Unagi Model One (E500) Pros

  • Unagi has a bigger deck (18.5″) vs the Xiaomi (16″). The longer deck makes a significant difference in riding position/comfort.
  • Hill climbing is better due to dual motors.
  • More beautiful, futuristic-looking interface.
  • Unagi is perfect in terms of feel, ergonomics, simplicity
  • Zero worries about flats or tire maintenance because of the honeycomb tires
  • Unagi is slightly lighter.
  • Stronger folding mechanism that is super easy to use and faster than that of the M365. 
  • The Unagi is a better-looking scooter from the future. It has more beautiful paint and a more elegant design.
  • The Model One has a beautiful, bright display for speed, odometer, and battery whereas the Xiaomi M365 has none.

Xiaomi Mi M365 vs. Unagi Model One Comparison

**Based on Electric Scooter Guide’s real-world performance testing and not manufacturer’s specs.

Xiaomi Mi M365Unagi Model One (E500)
MSRP (USD)$400$990
Top Speed**16.7 mph20 mph
Range**14.6 mi8.5 mi
Weight27 lb26 lb
0 to 15 mph**6.3 s4.4 s
15 to 0 mph**16.8 ft16.9 ft
Hill climb time**20.8 s12.5 s
Battery280 Wh282 Wh
Motor250 W250 W (2X)
Max rider weight220 lb275 lb
BrakesRegen + DiscRegen + Foot
IP ratingIP54IP54


Unagi is the premium product. It is a seriously nicely designed scooter with super-premium feeling looks, construction, design, and ergonomics.

Xiaomi M365

The M365 is a more ordinary-looking scooter that is a very solid choice and excellent value. This is the Honda Civic of electric scooters. From a purely cost/benefit/value perspective, the M365 — a nicely designed and workhorse electric scooter — is the clear winner.

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Unagi Model One

If you want the Unagi, then you know you want the Unagi. For you, the design and slight edge in weight overwhelm the features of the M365 and the price-point isn’t a consideration.

Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.



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