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Electric Scooter Reviews

An electric scooter review is more than just looking at specifications provided by the manufacturer.

We cover the gritty technical details and also tell you the personality of each electric scooter. Our reviews incorporate our collective expertise — fusing a wealth of data with years of collective electric scooter experience.

All electric scooter reviews indexed here are based on extensive hands-on testing by our editorial board.

We have the most extensive, most detailed, most rigorous review process bar none.

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Latest Electric Scooter Reviews

FalconPEV Zero 8 electric scooter unfolded

Zero 8 Review

This Zero 8 review dives deep into the entry-level little brother to the Zero 9 from the legendary line of FalconPEV Zero electric scooters. Falcon

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Falcon PEV Zero 9 Electric Scooter

Zero 9 Review

A detailed review of the legendary Zero 9 — an excellent premium electric scooter for commuting. We cover performance, durability, range and more!

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Dualtron Spider in urban setting

Dualtron Spider Review

The Dualtron Spider is a high performance electric scooter that is thrilling to ride and powerful enough to get you into serious trouble. It is durable, beefy, and completely badass. However, its weight and size make it just tame enough to be a practical commuter. It is probably the best last mile solution.

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Xiaomi Mi M365 electric scooter

Xiaomi Mi M365 Review

This comprehensive Xiaomi Mi M365 review covers everything you need to know about this legendary electric scooter.  Read on to learn why the M365 is the consistent #1 entry-level electric scooter.

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Reviews Listed Alphabetically

Electric Scooter Review Process

Our review process, which we use for every scooter, has multiple parts and typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

1. Unboxing and assembly. The review starts the moment we receive the scooter.  We answer questions such as: How well was it packaged? Was anything damaged during shipping?  Was it easy to assemble? Did the scooter require any adjustments in order to get working properly.

2. Initial riding. Two of our team members will ride the electric scooter for one week each and typically putting at least 100 miles on the scooter and putting it through numerous charging/discharging cycles. Each team member will maintain copious notes during their ride testing

3. Performance testing. We perform extensive performance testing using a professional Racelogic GPS-logging unit. Our tests include: acceleration, braking distance, range, and hill climb tests.

4. Review. Our team members get together and share riding notes, look over performance data and make comparisons to other scooters we’ve reviewed. The written and video reviews are the impressions of multiple experts and are better at telling the whole story than a single reviewer alone.

5. Long-term testing. Even after the review is written, we will continue putting miles on the scooter and making updates to the reviews if our impressions change. The purpose of this type of testing is to make sure the scooter holds up in time.  We typically do this until we have to return the test scooter.

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