Where Did ESG Get Started? Find Out in This Electric Scooter Podcast

Listen to “The hardest working man in Scooterbiz, Electric Scooter Guide’s Chuck Temple” on Spreaker.

Dagwood Streets from the Electric Scooter Podcast interviews ESG’s leading man, Chuck Temple, about all things Electric Scooter Guide

In the most recent episode of the Electric Scooter Podcast, Chuck caught up with host Dagwood Streets on who we are, what we do, and where we’re taking PEV. 

Our greatest compliment was Dagwood’s introduction proclaiming:

You’re like Kelly Blue Books, Consumer Reports and Motor Trend wrapped into one awesome ball, and what a great team of folks you have assembled.


And to that we say:


We put a lot of time and thought into everything that we do, and can’t say how grateful we are to have a community that recognizes our work. Many thanks, my friend. 

What We Do at ESG

The episode starts with Dagwood marveling at the depth and quality of our reviews, and how the team is involved in creating the content for the ESG Youtube channel and website.

Chuck then explains how Ramier, our Lead Videographer, refined ESG’s video production when he started. Dagwood asked if we’ve thought about doing a trailer video for our channel, to show our personalities behind the scenes. 

If you want to learn more about the ESG team, visit our About Us page. 

Where ESG Got Its Start

Chuck explains how his first scooter purchase (it was a UScooters) sparked an insatiable hunger to learn, educate, and foster the growing community of electric scooter riders all around the world.

He also shares how he and co-founder, Justin, started with a database and built it into a business.

Listen in to the podcast above and tune in next week for part 2 of Chuck’s chat with Dagwood. Follow the Electric Scooter Podcast for more perspective on the PEV industry!

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About the Author


Justin is a cofounder of ESG and has a degree in engineering. He writes about the science and technology of electric scooters.

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