What’s the Best Scooter for a First Time Buyer? Find Out in This Podcast

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Chuck Temple chats with Dagwood Streets about best scooters, thumb throttles, tire slime and more on the Electric Scooter Podcast 

In the 8th episode of the Electric Scooter Podcast, Dagwood covers a wide range of topics with Chuck, including the best electric scooters, their favorite ESG content, and which scooter features do and don’t make sense. 

Best Scooter for a First-Time Buyer

When asked, Chuck responded without hesitation that the Segway Ninebot Max is the best electric scooter for beginners and first-time buyers, as it suits so many riders for different lifestyles and uses, paramount among them commuting. 

There’s a reason the Ninebot Max replaced the Xiaomi Mi M365 as the model used by shared scooter services, as it’s got a ridiculously rock solid build and, although a little boring, is a stalwart long-term performer. 

Segway Ninebot Max: Read the review | Watch the video

Man lifting the Segway Max electric scooter over shoulder

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Best All-Around Scooter (for Chuck)

As expected, it’s not really possible to name a perfect scooter for everyone, as that does not exist, but for Chuck the best all-around scooter is the Inokim OXO. In the past couple years, some of Chuck’s favorite scooters have included the Inokim OX (the OXO’s single motor little brother), Kaabo Mantis 8, Apollo Explore, and Zero 9

Inokim OXO: Read the review | Watch the video

Inokim OXO Electric Scooter - full scooter, side view, full view
Check price and availability for the Inokim OXO in your country.

Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.

Chuck’s Favorite ESG Content

In the podcast, Dagwood and Chuck talk about the possibility of more episodes of Scooter Hunters, in which Chuck helps a first time scooter buyer choose the best scooter for them based on their lifestyle and location. We’ve had three episodes so far, you can check them out below:

SCOOTER HUNTERS EPISODE 1: Uncle Jim Hunts the Perfect Country Scooter


SCOOTER HUNTERS EPISODE 3 LIVE: Couples Edition Headed to Hollywood | ESG Liveshow #73

Throttle Preferences: Thumb, Trigger and Twist

They also discuss throttles, and Chuck explains that he had always recommended thumb throttles for more ergonomic driving, but has found over time that not all thumb throttles are created equal. When testing out three throttle styles on the EMOVE Touring, we found the thumb throttle to be difficult to reach and more difficult to modulate than the trigger and twist throttles. We liked the twist throttle the best, as it provided the most natural speed modulation and ergonomic control.

Hiboy Max V2 Electric Scooter Display, Throttle, Brake and Handlebar, close-up
Thumb throttle on Hiboy Max V2

When it comes to the overall benefits of riding an electric scooter (not only to get you from point A to B but also environmentally), we’d like to use Dagwood’s phrasing:

There’s nothing cuter than a non-polluter on a scooter.


We totally agree, Dagwood!

To find out Chuck’s and Dagwood’s thoughts on riding at night, whether or not tire slime is worth it, and if keystart ignitions deter thieves, listen to the podcast above. 



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