10 Facts About The Vsett 10+ That Will Surprise You (7 Is Our Favorite)

VSett 10+ electric scooter parked in front of a building

The VSett 10+ electric scooter was massively hyped in 2021, but what did everyone miss?These are 10 facts about the 10+ that surprised even us.

See our VSett 10+ review for an in-depth look at this scooter.

1. Made as a replacement for the Zero 10X

Folded Zero 10X electric scooter in a park
The VSett 10+ replaces the phasing-out 10X | Credit: ESG

While the 10X was an all-time great, it is still a frankenscooter cobbled together from common parts that circulate in the Chinese market.

The VSett 10+ was designed from the ground up as a higher-quality, higher-priced (currently $2,190 ) replacement for the 10X. 

It addresses many shortcomings of the 10X, including: fiddly stem and trampoline-like suspension (great for beginners, but not enough damping).

Ningbo VSett Intelligent Technology Co in Zheijang, China manufactures the VSett. They just so happen to operate same factory as Unicool.

What does this mean?  The same company makes both scooters.

2. The charging ports are in a really unfortunate spot

Rubberized deck of VSett 10+ electric scooter with logo
Charging ports taking up deck space | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The VSett engineers made a lot of smart choices. The charging port location was not one of them.

Both charging ports are located on the top of the deck. This protects them in the event of a side tip over.

However, it eats up much-wanted deck space. You basically have to step on them to have a comfortable ride.  

The designers should have recessed the ports to make them flush with deck.

3. Grips are fantastic, but you won’t be able to swap them

VSett 10+ cockpit with sport buttons and grips
Push-button turn signals are integrated into the grips | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Oh, how we sing the praises of quality, ergonomic grips.

The VSett 10+ does not disappoint in this respect. 

Its grips give excellent palm support, are super grippy and made from quality rubber.

As a bonus, the grips have integrated turn signals — you’ll never have to take your hands off in order to signal.

However, this also means you won’t be able to swap them for your favorite aftermarket grips (unless you do some serious hacking). 

4. Build quality is phenomenal

Close up of VSett 10+ folding latch
The VSett 10+ nails the subtle details | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Maybe this isn’t as big of a surprise for some, but let’s just say that the hype is real

The 10+ is definitely a Gen 2 e-scooter.

Gen 2 manufacturers have stopped grabbing random junk out of a parts bin and are creating original designs.

This original design makes the build quality feel phenomenal. 

The stem — by no means perfect — has an improved latching mechanism that is easy to use.

The scooter actually has IP54 water-resistance.

Overall, things fit together well together and the scooter feels tight.

5. It comes in any color you want as long as its black

VSett 10+ electric scooter in compact, folded configuration
The VSett’s color scheme looks cool, but is unimaginative | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

While many things have changed, the all-black color palette has not.

Like the previous version (Zero 10X), the VSett 10+ comes only in black (with yellow accents).

Don’t get me wrong — it looks good and masculine, but uninventive.

VSett isn’t going to introduce any new colorways for the time being.

However, we are holding out hope for the special fire red, royal purple or chromed-out edition.

6. Great for bigger, heavier riders

Big Dawg riders will appreciate the 10+’s suspension | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

While it hasn’t officially made the list of best scooters for heavy riders, it’s certainly a contender.

The VSett 10+ is rated up to 290 lbs and its suspension is stiff enough to work at this weight.

Tiny decks are the enemy of bigger riders who have bigger feet. The 18.0-in by 7.8-in deck is a good size.

But — you’ll have to step on the charging ports and even put a foot on the rear fin to feel truly comfortable..  

This is a deal-killer for some who want maximum comfort.

7. Actually has hydraulic suspension

Close up of VSett 10+ rear hydraulic suspension
The spring hydraulic suspension is one of our favorite things about the scooter | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

In the past we’ve seen a lot of mislabeling of spring suspensions as hydraulic … however the 10+ actually has spring hydraulic suspension (just in the rear).

This suspension keeps the scooter planted under braking.  It also contributes to top speed stability.  

It’s achingly close to great and hopefully ushers in an era of legit e-scooter hydraulic suspensions.

8. Faux EY3 display is not made by Minimotors

Vsett 10+ cockpit with LCD display and NFD reader
The Faux EY3 is a cheaper copy of the Minimotors component | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

Rather than license components from Minimotors, VSett blatantly copied their trademark EY3 throttle.  

The Faux EY3, as we call it, functions similarly but definitely seems cheaper. It is noticeably less bright than an authentic EY3 and much more difficult to see in full sun.

Like the EY3 it has the same ergonomics (love them or hate them).

9. Makes the Zero 10X feel ancient

Zero 10X (23 Ah) - dual charging ports
The 10+ just makes the Zero 10X feel ancient | Credit: ESG

As global e-scooter retailers dump their stock of aging 10X scooters, you might be tempted to pick one up at a discount.  

It might make sense for you, but just know that the Zero is Gen 1.  

It’s crazy to say, but it feels ancient.  

Technology and quality has evolved rapidly over the past years. A good parts bin scooter was once the best you could do.

But, times have changed and the Zero 10X feels ancient and … obsolete.

10. It’s not as fast as you think

Man accelerating quickly on the Vsett 10+
The VSett 10+ is fast, but not that fast | Credit: Richard S. / ESG

The VSett is no slouch when it comes to performance, but it’s not as fast as you think.

It’s still fast — topping out at 43.3 mph when absolutely maxed out (turbo mode enabled etc). 

With faster and faster scooters being introduced to the market, this is by no means record breaking or even in beast scooter territory.  

The 10+ didn’t even land on the fastest electric scooters leaderboard (though it’s still very quick to 30 mph).



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