Kaabo Wolf King GT: What makes the most powerful Wolf (ever) so special?

The Kaabo Wolf King GT is proof that Kaabo engineers don’t believe in excess. Their recently-released Wolf King GT is faster and more powerful than any Kaabo preceding it. We’ve been testing this scooter for the past week — here’s why we think it’s so special.

Top speed run during performance testing | Credit: Paul S. / ESG

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The Wolf King GT Is Proof Kaabo Engineers Don’t Believe In Excess

Kaabo Wolf King GT Electric Scooter

As designs grow more powerful, engineers have to address important questions such as where do you put a 25% larger battery?

Well, in the deck, of course.

But the controllers live there … so where should they go?

Encase them in a waterproof housing and bolt them onto the outside of the scooter. Better for heat management anyway.

Now we can run them at an even higher current and make the Wolf King GT go even faster.

This seems to be the “go fast or go home” attitude of Kaabo engineers and frankly … we don’t mind it.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Basics

Man doing a burnout on the Kaabo Wolf King GT

The Kaabo Wolf King GT is Kaabo’s next iteration of its ultra-popular Wolf line. It weighs 115 lbs, has a claimed top speed of 62 mph and 70 miles of range.

Its giant 72 V, 2520 wh LG battery supplies dual 50 A controllers.

The powertrain puts out 8000 watts of peak power.

Key Features of the Wolf King GT

Close up Kaabo Wolf King GT frame and fork

For starters, the Wolf King GT has everything that enthusiasts loved about the Warrior 11 and Wolf King — two of the fastest and overall best scooters of all time.

The GT has a tubular frame, front hydraulic fork, a big deck, a loud horn, and crazy bright headlights like previous Wolves. 

The double stem and folding mechanism remain rock solid. The giant, rubberized deck is comfortable and remains unchanged.

Improvements Address Shortcomings Of Previous Models

Close up of forged front forks

All Wolf King GTs ship with Kaabo’s stronger, forged aluminum fork tips.

The dated EY3 LCD has been replaced with a brilliant 4-inch color TFT display . The display is easy to see in full sun and looks incredible.

Bright LCD display on Wolf GT electric scooter

The King GT ships with a legit IPX5 rating, meaning that it’s ok to splash on this scooter.

Though much of the frame remains the same, the Wolf GT’s handlebars are wider.

Faster, More Powerful Than Any Previous Wolf (obviously)

Wolf King GT electric scooter controller mounted on front forks

The Wolf King GT is juiced up with a 72-volt sinewave controller that can dump 50 amps into each motor. The controller has moved to the stem for both cooling and space reasons.

Previous models would suffer from power roll-off or even shut down when driving high loads for prolonged durations.

The throttle has significant dead space initially but infinitely smooth power control once you get past this. 

The battery is 72 V and 35 Ah for a capacity of 2520 watt-hours, 25% more than the Wolf King. It uses 21700 cells with INR chemistry. Cells can either be LG M50 or Samsung 50E. 

We are still processing GPS data, but it looks like the Wolf GT may become the fastest production scooter ever (see our current leaderboard here).

Our Take On The Wolf King GT

Man riding the Wolf King GT offroad

The big story about the Kaabo Wolf King GT is power plus control.

Yes — the Wolf King GT is another record-setting scooter from Kaabo. It tops all previous Wolves in terms of specs and power.

However, it’s also the most controllable Wolf out there.

You can easily make precision power adjustments thanks to its sinewave controllers and thumb throttle. Though sinewave control isn’t some insanely new technology (or particularly sophisticated), we’re only starting to see it appear on scooters.

At top speed, stability is exquisite. It probably doesn’t hurt that they loaded an extra 10 lbs onto the forks. Nothing increases stability better than increasing the moment of inertia of the thing you want to slow down.

Where to Buy The Wolf King GT

Check price and availability for the Kaabo Wolf King GT in the United States.

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Kaabo Wolf King GT Technical Specifications

Note: These specification are provided by the manufacturer and may differ from our real-world testing.

ModelWolf King GT
Weight115 lb
Folded dimensions61 by 30 by 16 in
Motor power, continuous4000 W
Top speed62 mph
Range70 mi
Battery capacity2520 Wh
Battery recharge time7 hrs
Max rider weight330 lb
Brake typeDisc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire type11.0 in Pneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIPX5



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