2021 Survey Results of 2381 Riders and Counting

2021 Survey Data: Last updated: 4/1/2021

We’re already testing new scooters gathering data for our Q2 update — make sure to rate your scooter if you haven’t already!

We recently concluded our annual electric scooter owner survey, which has garnered 2,381 responses as of April 2021, making it the largest survey of electric scooters riders — ever. 

We use this data, in part, to curate the official ESG list of best electric scooters.

Highest Rated Scooters

Scooters listed below received the most ratings (>45 ratings) and are sorted by their average rating and comprise 66% of all ratings.

2021 Raw survey results as of April 2021 | Justin / ESG
1Kaabo Wolf Warrior 119.6287
2Unagi Model One9.55103
3Fluid Freeride Horizon9.39130
4Apollo Explore9.32156
5Apollo Pro9.1986
6Kaabo Mantis9.1850
7EMOVE Cruiser9.18442
8Apollo City9.13100
9Kaabo Mantis Pro9.0367
10Mercane Widewheel Pro8.69127
11Segway Ninebot Max8.6146
12EMOVE Touring8.53121
13Mercane Widewheel8.4468

Best of The Rest

Scooters listed below had at least 10 ratings and are sorted by their average rating and comprise 15% of all ratings.

13EVOLV City9.7315
14EVOLV Pro9.5319
15Apollo Light9.4715
16Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro9.3611
17Inokim OXO9.3611
18Minimotors Dualtron Thunder9.3219
19Inokim OX9.3219
20Apollo Ghost9.2924
21UScooters Booster GT9.2417
22Inokim Light 29.1811
23Fluid Freeride City Rider9.1422
24GOTRAX G49.1010
25Zero 99.0022
26Kaabo Mantis Pro SE8.9210
27Zero 10X8.8136
28Turboant X7 Pro8.7419
29Zero 8X8.7311
30Segway Ninebot Max (G30LP)8.7311
31Zero 108.3614
32Boosted Rev 8.3010
33Xiaomi Mi M3657.6330

All other scooters received <10 ratings.

About the 2021 Survey

We noticed some interesting trends in this year’s survey that differed pretty significantly from last year’s. For one thing, the median price of a surveyed scooter was $1349 — significantly higher than our survey from 2020, where the median price was just $499 and the most rated scooter was the venerable, yet budget Xiaomi Mi M365. It was also our largest survey ever — bringing in responses from 2023 riders from all around the world and was nearly triple that of our 2020 survey.

Summary of 2021 survey results | Justin / ESG

The plot above shows price versus rating for every scooter surveyed and accompanying histograms of both price and rating. We’ve grouped all the data into four classes (Budget <$500, Commuter $500 to $1000, Performance $1000 to $1500, and Extreme >$1500).

Confusing enough? If you don’t get it, let’s distill it down to what it all means.

If you look on the far right, you’ll see histograms of Scooter Rating for each class of scooter. They’re all overlapping … so what does this mean? 

Last year we suggested there might be some marketing placebo effect — as scooters get more expensive, owners tend to rate them better. However the fact that they all overlap suggests this is not true and that there are quality scooters in every price bracket or at least owners are taking into account the price and grading them appropriately.

Bottom line is there are well-rated scooters in every price category — a win for consumers!



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