What Are the Best Electric Scooter Brands?

Finding quality, non-biased electric scooter reviews is nearly impossible, so we collected data through our annual surveys to determine the best electric scooter brands and sellers.

Read on to learn what the best scooter brands are — according to the data.

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What Are the Highest Rated Electric Scooter Brands?

Average satisfaction for electric scooter brands that received >5 survey responses

The average rating across all brands was 4.3/5, based on a question that asked Overall, how satisfied are you with this scooter. Because the average was quite high even being a bit below it isn’t too shabby.

Highest Brand Satisfaction: Minimotors


Minimotors | Customer Rating: 4.7/5 (30 reviews)
Models: Dualtron (Ultra, III, Spider), Speedway (4,5,mini 4)
Available from eWheels

Who Has the Best Post-Purchase Customer Support?

Average post-purchase support for electric scooter brands that received >5 survey responses

The average rating across all brands was 3.9/5, based on a question that asked owners: How satisfied are you with post-purchase customer support?  Post-purchase support encompasses all things that come after the sale including warranty and technical support.

Best Post-Purchase Customer Support: Zero


Zero | Customer Rating: 4.6/5 (11 reviews)
Models: 8, 9, 10, 10x
Available from Rev Rides

Popularity of electric scooter brands based on total number of review responses.

Xiaomi, Minimotors and Segway are the most popular brands, collectively accounting for 63% of responses. 

It might not seem like that big of deal, but owning a popular scooter with a support community and available parts is a huge deal. Unlike other forms of transport, service and support networks aren’t yet established for electric scooters. In some cases, DIY repair aided by other users is a better option than shipping a scooter for repair or maintenance.

 45 reviews

Xiaomi | Customer Rating (45 reviews)
Models: Mi M365
Available from Amazon



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