8 Best Electric Scooters Under $2000

In this review, we are going through our 8 best electric scooters under $2,000, what each of them does best, where they had to compromise, and in a couple of cases: what the premium version does better.

How much is ‘too much’  when buying an electric scooter? As always, that answer depends on quite a number of factors, like how much performance do you want? Are you after a brand-name scooter? Do you want one with all the frills? Are you looking for a simple A-B transportation option? Notwithstanding personal taste and financial ability. 

However, that said, there’s literally something for everyone, whether you want a $300 scooter or a $6,000 beast. But we’re here to explore the under $2,000 category, and here is why it’s an exciting one for us.

Best electric scooters under $2,000 is an exciting category because it’s all about value.  This is where you start to get premium-scooter performance, but you’re not quite hitting premium scooter prices yet. 

It’s also one of the trickiest categories to navigate, because you need to know what features these electric scooters are giving up, if any, to hit that price point. But a high-quality electric scooter remains true to good build quality, decent performance, safety considerations, and reliability.

Best Electric Scooters Under $2000: Summary

Electric ScooterPriceCategory (What it’s the Best At)
 Yinke i5$1,449Breakout Design from a New Brand
Vsett 10+$2,290Best for Acceleration, with Unreal Sporty Value
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X$1,799Top Pick for Speed
EMOVE Cruiser$1,499Juggernaut Range Champion
 Apollo City Pro$1,799Best City Commuter
 Taur $1,495Top Pick for a Premium Design
Kaabo Mantis V2$1,799 Performance Bargain
Apollo Phantom (52V)$2,099Most Comfortable and Upgradable Sport Commuter
Synergy Aviator 2.0$1,269Honorable Mention(No Flat Tires, Solid Performance)
EMOVE RoadRunner$1,695Honorable Mention(Best Seated E-scooter, with Speed and Range)
UScooters GT Sport$1,099Honorable Mention(Casual Commuter with Ultimate Portability)

Yinke i5


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 40.1 mph*
Tested range: 38.4 mi*
Weight: 76 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Great Looking Cockpit And Easy To Read Display
Amazing Range For The Price
You’re Not Tired Of Riding It After 38 Miles(61.16 Km)
Deck Is A Little Short
Regen Braking Isn’t Adjustable On The Current Version
Stability At 40 Mph(64.37 Kmh) Is Just Ok Without The Optional Damper

A Long Range Sport Scooter With a Breakout Design from a New Brand: Yinke i5

In what has been quite an exciting year for new brands, we give you one more as we close out the year, the Yinke. We got early access to the i5, their new electric scooter–and we’re just letting our sport commuters know they are in for a treat come 2023. 

The Yinke i5 makes a statement with its gorgeous cockpit complete with an ultra HD display, perfectly curved frame, and a short but striking deck design. As far as good-looking electric scooters go, this one looks really good. But it’s not just about the looks–the Yinke i5 joins the ranks of scooters like the Mantis King GT and the Vsett 10 + (also featured on this list) as a high-performance light heavyweight.

The huge 60 V battery that comes in a variety of name-brand cells, i.e., DMEGC, EVE, LG, or Samsung, did a full 38.4 miles on our range test course. However, Yinke says that riding it slow enough can get you to 60.0 miles, though that’s just impractical with the potential this scooter brings. Regardless, besides the Cruiser, nothing does better in this price class.

You get gobs of power from the dual 25A Sinewave Controllers–40.1 mph in top speed and an acceleration time of 2.1 seconds from 0 to 15.0 mph, right beside the Dualtron Storm, Wolf Warrior X, and the Varla Eagle One Pro. The power also translates to the hill climb–7.9 seconds to the top of our 200.0 ft,  10% hill climb, where again, the Yinke i5 gives us a new record in its price class.

 Thanks to the tubeless 10-inch tires, which are uncommon in this size of scooters, and the full hydraulic suspension front and rear, the i5 makes one heck of a ride. We also love the smaller things like the scratch-resistant, tempered glass display, the motorcycle-style turn signal switch, excellent fender protection, and one of the most remarkable decks.

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Vsett 10+

Vsett 10+ (Best-Electric-Scooters-Under-$2000)

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 43.3 mph*
Tested range: 33.6 mi*
Weight: 80 lb*
Max rider weight: 290 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Front And Rear Hydraulic Rear Shocks
Stem Receives An A++
Blistering Acceleration
Short Deck
Dim Display
Sub-Par Throttle Ergonomics

The Best for Acceleration, with Unreal Sporty Value– the Vsett 10 +, 20.8 Ah Version

We loved getting and testing the 2021 Vsett 10+ 25.6 ah. It lived up to its successor’s glory–the Zero 10X, which is why we’re excited for the January release of the Vsett 10 +, 20.8 ah version by Alien Rides. The new Vsett’s reduced battery capacity is accompanied by a price reduction, reduced weight, and slightly less range. You had to spend about $2,190 for the former Vsett, but the new one should only set you back about $1,799.

The range goes down from to about of tested range in sport mode, which is still a good value given the huge price knockout. Even better is that the rest of its performance remains standard, and the Vsett 10 + is still one of the sportiest scooters we have. Its twin motors especially excel in acceleration and hill climbing. 

From 0 to 15.0 mph, the Vsett takes only 1.9 seconds. For perspective, the acceleration ties in with beast scooters like the Dualtron Storm Limited, Segway GT2, and the Wolf Warrior 11. This is also the 4th quickest time recorded, with first, second, and third places going to the NAMIs.

When it comes to hill climbing, the scooter takes 7.5 seconds to the top of our hill test–placing the Vsett in the top 10 performers. Besides that, you get a great top speed of , excellent braking from the Vsett-branded Zoom hydraulics, good ride quality thanks to the hydraulic rear shock, and 10.0-inch pneumatic tires.

Our only complaints are the relatively short deck and a longish reach from brakes to throttle. But ergonomics aside, build quality is top-notch.

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Kaabo Wolf Warrior X

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X (Best-Electric-Scooters-Under-$2000)

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 44.1 mph*
Tested range: 32.0 mi*
Weight: 80 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Best Lighting For Night Riding
Excellent Stability
Comfortable for long rides
High Top Speed
Dual Stems Take Longer To Fold
We Wish It Had a Thumb Throttle
Display Difficult To Read In Direct Sunlight

Top Pick for Speed–Fluid’s Wolf Warrior X, the Base Model

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior base model took everything we loved about the world’s most beloved beast scooter–the Wolf Warrior 11, and repackaged it in a smaller, lighter, more efficient, and less expensive package. But where the Base model Wolf Warrior X really excels is when it comes to top speed.

It is the fastest on this list and maxes out at an impeccable 44.1 mph, which is interestingly higher than its Pro version that only hits a max speed of 42.9 mph. The speed is in part thanks to the 30 amp sinewave controllers that lead to smoother acceleration, superior throttle response and better handling. The Base model X is also satisfyingly stable at high speed like the rest Kaabo’s dual-stemmed models.

From 0- 15.0 mph, the scooter is among the quickest with an acceleration time of 2.1 seconds, alongside the Dualtron Storm and the Varla Eagle One Pro. The range, however, is not as over-the-top as other performance stats–covering 32.0 miles on a single charge. The battery is also a generic brand–unlike the X Pro, and the newer X GT that utilize LG cells.

The scooter delivers a great ride thanks to the scooter’s stock road tires, which besides having excellent grip are also pretty quiet on the road. The scooter’s dual stem suspension plus rear spring polyurethane further contribute to the X’s comfortable ride. And coupled with the scooter’s solid build,  you’ll especially enjoy carving corners at high speed.

On our list, the Base X is the heaviest scooter, with the largest folded size, but the price is surprisingly small for what you get.

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EMOVE Cruiser

EMOVE-Cruiser (Best-Electric-Scooters-Under-$2000)

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 30.5 mph*
Tested range: 47.0 mi*
Weight: 59 lb*
Max rider weight: 350 lb
Water resistance: IPX6


Legendary Range
Comfortable For Long Rides
Exceptional build quality and Options
We’d Love To See A Version With Vsett-Style Pull-Back Handlebars
It’s Heaviest Single Motor Scooter We’ve Tested

Juggernaut Range Champion: The EMOVE Cruiser

We’ve called the Cruiser ‘the only scooter you’ll ever need’, and we stand by that. It does everything so exceptionally well, but it’s the insane range at its price point that makes it timeless. Equipped with a 1560 wh battery made from energy efficient 21700 LG cells, the Cruiser managed a 47.0-mile range on our range test course, all while maintaining an average range test speed of 17.1 mph. 

As you know, all our range tests are done in max performance mode, so you can always extend the range by riding conservatively. But for perspective, in terms of range rankings, the Cruiser falls directly behind the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max, a $4,899 scooter that managed a 48.0-mile range, and the best performance by a similarly priced scooter is by the $1,499 Dualtron Mini with its 27.2-mile range.

Voro goes all out on the Cruiser. It only makes sense since a long-ranged scooter deserves equally great performance on other fronts and superior ride comfort to fully capitalize on the large battery. Top speed is good at 28.0 mph, with an acceleration of 3.8 seconds from 0-15.0 mph. The scooter has excellent semi-hydraulic brakes that help you feel planted during hard braking.

The ride comfort and ergonomics are also one for the books. The cruiser has one of the largest decks on our database at 23.1 inches x 7.7 inches. Thanks to the optional mods, you can install the throttle of your choosing–we swapped our trigger throttle for a more comfortable twist style. The scooter runs on large 10.0-inch tires that work with the dual suspension to guarantee a smooth ride–the suspension has enough travel for riding on rough pavement and dirt roads, though we don’t recommend the latter.

Another thing we like about the Cruiser is its ultra-high max rider weight capacity of 353.0 lbs. It also has one of the highest IP ratings at IPX6.  And thanks to the scooter’s upgraded motors, no hill is too much for this voyager. Ultimately, no single motor scooter beats the Cruiser’s range, and nothing under $3,000 does better. The Cruiser is definitely not your average commuter scooter.

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Apollo City Pro


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 30.9 mph*
Tested range: 22.7 mi*
Weight: 66 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IP56


Best Integration Of Regenerative Brakes
Flat-Proof 10-Inch(25.4 cm) Pneumatic Tires
Clean Integrated Design
Highest IP Rating In Our Database
Ultra Short Charging Time
Turn Signals Aren’t Visible From The Front
High-end Features But Some May Find Pricy
At 66 lbs (29.94 Kg) It’s Not The Most Portable

Best City Commuter: The Well rounded and Well integrated Apollo City Pro

The Apollo City Pro is an extremely well-rounded city commuter that followed the Phantom as the second full-in-house design from the Canadian scooter company Apollo. This is one of those scooters you need to see in person to fully appreciate the well-integrated design and high attention to detail, but we’ll do our best to describe it to you. 

The scooter looks and feels premium–the design is super-clean with an extremely high attention to detail. The instinctively-placed controls are few and easy to use. The cabling is well routed in the steady and tough-looking stem. The gray color choice is timeless, and Apollo does a good job with the branding.

It has everything you need to commute at low or high speed without being overwhelming, with a maximum speed of 30.9 mph, and 22.7 miles of real-world range. Apollo are also masters at integrating regenerative and mechanical brakes and give you the choice of using a 100% regenerative “throttle-brake” at the left handlebar, or just squeeze the mechanical drum brakes and it blends in the perfect amount of regenerative brake automatically.

There are only a handful of dual motor scooters in the world that use 10.0 inch tubeless tires, and these are the best we’ve seen. Why? Because they have the best tire profile for cornering, and more importantly, a sticky coating inside that resists flats. The City Pro takes ride comfort further with wide bars, the 2nd tallest handlebar height we’ve seen, and full suspension. 

The City Pro rounded out ESG’s 2022 feature wishlist with one of the best apps we’ve seen, and the highest IP rating in our database for water and dust resistance, leaving us scratching our heads about what to wish for in 2023.

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Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 21.7 mph*
Tested range: 12.1 mi*
Weight: 38 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IP55


Big Kevlar-Belted Flat-Resistant Tires
Best Combination Of Big Tires And Portability
Space-Saving Vertical Parking
OTA Firmware Updates
Premium Scooter At A Premium Price
Display Can Be Difficult To Read In Sunlight
Range Is Relatively Short
It’s Currently Only Available In Los Angles Ca (Rest Of US And UK Coming Soon)

Top Pick for a Premium Design, Taur

TAUR is a luxury brand that blends aesthetics, performance, and functionality. According to the brand’s co-founder Carson Brown, the unusual design of the Taur is meant to address existing issues with the current electric scooter design, to attract new riders to micromobility, while promoting ownership over scooter rentals. This is definitely one of the best e-scooter designs we’ve seen all year.

The most unusual bit about the TAUR is the side-by-side food platforms that allow for bigger 12.5 inch tires, while still remaining portable. The large pneumatic tires then work together with the large rake angle to give the TAUR stability that’s more like a bicycle than a scooter. The tires are kevlar reinforced Continental tires, that are both comfortable and puncture resistant.

 The scooter’s stiff monotube design eliminates stem wobble that’s common in many foldable scooters, while the 5-way joystick gives you control without having to look down at the buttons. This plus the forward-facing ride position improves the ride experience for beginners and experienced riders alike.

And for anyone that’s struggled with parking ever in their life, TAUR feels like the next natural step in the evolution of scooters. You can already store a scooter pretty much anywhere, but imagine being able to park yours like the TAUR–upright, head-first on its bullhorn handlebars. The scooter itself is not the lightest for carrying around at 38.0 lbs, but the robust frame is fully recyclable–as part of TAUR’s green initiative.

Finally, the scooter has great lighting. The headlight is a 300-lumen, high power directional beam installation. It also comes with a 240-degree frosted side layer that increases visibility from all angles. But where it gets really good is in the rear. Outside of the normal rear light, the scooter is also equipped with a patented rear light projector that shines 100 lumens on the rider’s back. There’s no missing you or the scooter.

Carson Brown also tells us that this adult electric scooter will keep receiving over-the-air firmware updates through the app–so expect TAUR to get even better. So, if you’re into high end electric scooter, the TAUR feels like an easy choice.

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Kaabo Mantis V2


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 37.3 mph*
Tested range: 27.2 mi*
Weight: 66 lb*
Max rider weight: 270 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Outstanding Braking
Gorgeous TFT Display
Smooth/Powerful Sine Wave Controllers
Finally an IP Rating for water resistance
Stem Not As Stiff As Vsett And Phantom
Display can be difficult to read in bright sunlight
Hybrid Off Road Tires Not As Quiet

The Best Commuter, and a Performance Bargain, Fluid’s Kaabo Mantis V2

The Kaabo Mantis V2 is not just another Mantis upgrade–It’s a base model scooter with pro-grade performance. The original Mantis became an industry standard for dual motor performance, and the V2 continues this legacy, but also challenges just how good a scooter at its price can get. In short, besides great performance, a lot of the V2’s features are uncommon below the $2,000 mark.

Like the base model Wolf Warrior X, this model Mantis gets upgraded with smoother sine wave controllers, leading to a smoother, faster launch, hitting 15.0 mph in just 2.2 seconds.  The smooth throttle makes it deceptively fast, and you’ll find yourself edging closer and closer to the 37.3 mph top speed without even noticing it. And with comfortable grips that securely lock in place, large 10.0-inch tires, and a roomy deck, what’s to stop you from going as hard as you want?

Then you have the large 1092 wh battery that gives you 27.2 miles of range. It has enough juice to power your riding needs, and with a 265.0 lbs max rider-weight capacity, it comes in handy for riders closer to the limit. Taller riders will also appreciate the 41.0-inch handlebar height. And, in addition, the front and rear suspension work with the pneumatic tires to guarantee good ride quality for all manner of riders.

The V2 is also safe, stopping from 15.0 mph in just–9.7 ft, beating 90% of the electric scooters in our database. Stopping power comes from Hydraulic disc brakes, which as recently as 2021 was a rare feature to find on a scooter at this price point. Lighting is standard Kaabo–in other words, best-in-class. And, finally, with the introduction of the Mantis V2; was the first Mantis scooter to get a water resistance rating.

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Apollo Phantom (52V)


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 39.7 mph*
Tested range: 31.4 mi*
Weight: 76 lb*
Max rider weight: 300 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Excellent Ergonomics
Outstanding Build Quality
The Fastest Growing Support Team In North America
Lower Top Speed Than Vsett
0 To 30 Mph(48.28 Kmh) Time Slightly Longer Than Peers

The Most Comfortable and Upgradable Sport Commuter Apollo Phantom V2

If you’re surprised to see Apollo’s flagship the Phantom V2 on a list of scooters that cost less than $2,000, so are we! But right now, they have both the hydraulic brake version and a variation that comes with a front and rear mechanical disc brake, for less than $2,000.

We love the Phantom for its ergonomic throttle, big deck, high-mounted headlight, and zero wobble stem that give the scooter a premium feel. But we also love that Apollo keeps releasing upgrade kits when they release a model update. So V1 owners could upgrade to V2, and soon V2 owners can update to V3 with its left-side throttle brake and Ludo mode. 

The kit is available for pre-order now.

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Honorable Mentions

But these are not the only scooters we’ve shortlisted. With well over 100 scooters tested to date, it’s hard to keep our lists down to just a few “best scooters.” So, here are a few more scooters we think deserve a shout-out in the sub-$2,000 category. 

Synergy Aviator 2.0


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 27.2 mph*
Tested range: 22.5 mi*
Weight: 56 lb*
Max rider weight: 250 lb
Water resistance: IP54

The Synergy Aviator 2.0 for No Flat Tires, Solid Performance

Synergy is a brand with a heavy presence in Canada who’ve just entered the US market. They have a big line-up of electric scooters, but the first one that caught our attention was the Aviator 2.0. It’s an unusual spec: a powerful dual-motor scooter with solid tires, so it’s a good fit for people who want a scooter with dual-motor performance that will never get a flat tire.  And to smooth out the ride from the solid tires, the Aviator 2.0 comes with a full suspension system you usually see on more expensive scooters: adjustable front and rear spring suspension with polyurethane bushings on the inside. 

The ride on the Aviator 2.0 is stable, and the throttle response is good, even with the p-settings maxed out. The 20.0 inch x 6.8 inch rubber deck is roomy enough and has a good grip.  Speaking of grip, the ones on the handlebars are screwed in, so they don’t move, making for an incredible ride. And the sliding collars on the folding handlebars are easy to slide in and out of place, ensuring the bars stay in place when unfolded.

The Aviator e-scooter comes equipped with dual drum brakes, so you also don’t have to worry about bent rotors or brake adjustments either. They bring the scooter to a halt in a stopping distance of 10.7 ft from 15.0 mph. The powerful 1200W dual motors generate what feels like 2000 w peak motor power, which came in handy on our 200.0 ft 10% hill test, with the Aviator 2.0 clocking an easy 9.3 seconds to the top. The acceleration to 15.0 mph is more than adequate at 2.6 seconds, and the max speed is well above average at 27.2 mph.

This is the best electric scooter, if you want a low maintenance, high-speed, relatively affordable, lightweight dual motor scooter.

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EMOVE RoadRunner


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 35.5 mph*
Tested range: 33.0 mi*
Weight: 63 lb*
Max rider weight: 330 lb
Water resistance: None

Voro’s EMOVE RoadRunner–The Best Seated E-scooter, with Speed and Range for Days

Voro’s seated masterpiece, the EMOVE RoadRunner, seems to find a spot on every list of best electric scooters, thanks to having high top speed, being ultimately easy to ride, having long range, and giving you a place to sit while you pile on the miles.  And besides that, it has a high max rider weight capacity of 330 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of users. The adjustable bars also make it ideal for the varying comfort of different rider heights.

The RoadRunner’s seated form is especially handy given if you pick up a spare battery; the Roadrunner lets you double or triple the range with a quick swap. The 1253 Wh battery gives you a whopping 33 miles on a single charge and in max performance mode. It’s surprisingly stable all the way up to its 36 mph max speed thanks to its 15-inch tires and adjustable front fork spring suspension, and just a ton of fun to ride. 

As far as commuter scooters go, it doesn’t get better than the RoadRunner. So, for anyone who wants to retain the riding ergonomics of an e-bike without that pesky pedaling, the RoadRunner is the best electric scooter for you.

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UScooters GT Sport


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 30.0 mph*
Tested range: 13.8 mi*
Weight: 30 lb*
Max rider weight: 280 lb
Water resistance: IPX5

Uscooters GT Sport–A Casual Commuter with Ultimate Portability

Uscooters is a brand known for long-term reliability and high speed-to-weight ratio scooters. But it is their 30.0 mph GT Sport version that really broke the barrier on how fast and light an ultraportable scooter can be, coming in at a tested weight of only 29.6 lbs. The GT Sport’s foldable handlebars, telescopic stem, and small deck and tire dimensions make it one of the easiest scooters to bring into the office and one of the easiest to take multi-modal, like on a bus or in an Uber. 

The GT Sport is one of the more expensive ultra-portable scooters out there, but that’s because it uses premium Samsung battery cells. Premium cells beat generic cells since they guarantee longer battery life. And the large 504 wh battery capacity on this tiny scooter gives it an extended range of 13.8 miles. The extra power is especially handy given the high 275.0-lbs rider weight capacity. However, the ride may feel a bit stiff since the GT Sport comes with small, 8.0-inch solid rubber tires that are not efficient at absorbing vibrations. But you do get a basic front and rear suspension installation that helps with larger bumps.

Despite the trade-offs for portability, the scooter has perks like a Bluetooth app that lets you activate zero start, adjust riding modes, change units on the dash, lock the scooter, and turn the lights on and off. It has an IPX5 rating and has the added benefit of having a cruise control function. You also get separate levers for the drum and electronic brakes.

It is the best electric scooter, if you’re just looking for an affordable, basic commuter.

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What’s Exciting for 2023?

2022 is not over yet, but here’s a quick preview about some sub-$2,000 scooters we’re excited about testing in 2023. 

Apollo Ghost 2022


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 36.6 mph*
Tested range: 24.8 mi*
Weight: 67 lb*
Max rider weight: 290 lb
Water resistance: IP54

Apollo Ghost

This is the other scooter that gave us big performance and a huge fun factor, without a huge fund factor. In fact, you can save big bucks by swinging for the version that comes with a front and rear disc brake over the hydraulic brakes option.

Unfortunately, the Ghost is an all-around great scooter that did not particularly excel in any of our categories–with the Apollo City Pro beating it to the punch, by being better integrated. However, it is the best scooter if you’re looking for a hardy scooter that gets the job done.

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Unagi Model One (E500)


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 20.0 mph*
Tested range: 8.5 mi*
Weight: 29 lb*
Max rider weight: 280 lb
Water resistance: IP54

Unagi Model One Subscription

Finally, this last one is almost like having a cheat code to get the experience of owning an electric scooter without actually buying a scooter. You can get an Unagi Model One now by monthly subscription. It’s an ultra-lightweight, super stylish, fun, dual-motor adult electric scooter that you can treat like your own for $55 a month; without a long-term commitment, so it’s easy to cancel if it turns out that scooters just aren’t for you. And with an electronic braking system, and a solid front and rear wheel, the maintenance is as easy as it gets.

If you move quickly, you might still be able to buy a 2022 Unagi Model one for $590 before they sell out.

This is by far, the lowest price we’ve ever seen. So you could get a small fleet of these electric scooters and still be under $2,000.

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Synergy Tsunami

Synergy-Tsunami (Best-Electric-Scooters-Under-$2000)

After testing their entry-level dual motor Aviator 2.0, we can’t wait to test the top of the line 60 V Synergy Tsunami and check out its 10-inch tubeless off-road tires. It has a max rider weight of 350.0 lbs, so we’re curious if it’s a candidate for Ramier’s 2023 list of best scooters for big Dawgs.

Solar Series


We’ll be testing more Solar’s other scooters as well. Solar is a UK brand expanding into the US that we learned about from listening to you guys. And, no, the scooters aren’t solar powered, they come with a regular electric scooter battery. However, their warehouses in the UK and now in the US, are solar powered, hence the name.

We recently unboxed the Solar E1, an entry level super commuter, the Solar P1 2.0, their popular dual motor performance scooter, and my favorite Solar scooter so far, the FF Lite, whose feature set reads surprisingly close to our wish list for scooter features from a year ago. 

These are great scooters for adults, and you can check out our Solar unboxing videos now. Also, stay tuned in 2023 for full performance testing and reviews.  

GoTrax GX Series


This next one is going to cause some shock waves. GoTrax is Go-ing dual motor, for the first time, with the new high-performance GX series. GoTrax mastered producing impossibly low-priced scooters that delivered big transportation per dollar and now we’re anticipating big performance per dollar from their dual motor scooters.

Their GX series ranges from the $999 GX1 with 600W per motor, to the $1,800 1000W per motor GX3. Deliveries start in May, but you can get them for even cheaper by pre-ordering one now . We’re very excited to bring you the full review–but we will say this–one of them even has Quad Suspension–something we’re yet to see anywhere else. The ride quality should be out of this world. Stay tuned.

8 Best Electric Scooters Under $2000:Conclusion


There you have it! Whether you love speed, range portability or high end design, these are the best electric scooters on a $2,000 budget.

We also hope you take advantage of the coupon codes, plus links to the best places to buy them. Also, head on to our YouTube channel, and watch the video to see comprehensive reviews of each of the scooters above. Also, like,  subscribe to stand a chance of winning a free scooter in our ongoing giveaway.

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