Best Electric Scooters Under $1500-Mid-Range Commuters


The mid-range scooter category is probably one of our favorite at ESG. Mostly priced at or around $1,500, the electric scooters that make up this category are more performance-oriented than those in the budget commuter category, i.e., $500 to about $1,000. 

As you move into the mid-range commuter category, you expect more dual motors, better suspension systems, and larger batteries, with some even going for brand-name cells. Full lighting profiles are almost standard in this class of scooters, with some of them incorporating turn signals. You also see premium features like large tubeless pneumatic tires, bright displays, and app support. 

In the mid-range category, you can expect speeds of up to 40.0 mph, electric scooters traveling over 45.0 miles on a single charge, higher motor power, and exceptional hill climbing. You also get world-class braking, with some other scooters equipped with semi-hydraulic and full-hydraulic disc brakes. You can also expect quick acceleration, and the Synergy Aviator leads the pack with a record 2.6 seconds to 15.0 mph

The main hurdle for manufacturers is to stack performance features, ensure a quality ride, and build the scooter to be durable, all while keeping the price affordable-ish. That said, most of these scooters will serve you for a long time. They are also designed to be friendly for beginner riders. But, at the same time, they are scooters you can grow into as your skills advance.

We have an exciting list of contenders for the sub $1,500 commuter scooters category. So, if you’re hunting for one, here are our top recommendations for the best electric scooters under $1,500.

Apollo City 2022


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 27.0 mph*
Weight: 58 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IP56


Variable Regenerative Braking
Tubeless 10-inch(25.4 cm) Air-Filled Tires
Clean Integrated Design
Highest Water Resistance Rating in the Database
The Scooter Could Use Front Turn Signals
Deck Latch Comes Loose When Folded

Best Electric Scooter Under $1,500–Apollo City 2022

In 2022, Apollo revamped one of their best-selling commuters, the Apollo City. The City has been the go-to scooter for urban dwellers, primarily because it is one of the most rounded scooters in the market. And as Apollo moved in-house with their production, the scooters have even more to offer now, with design and build quality like never before in the industry.

The Apollo City 2022 is a $1,299 iteration of Apollo City’s revamp. During its launch, Apollo also unveiled a $1,799 version called the Apollo City Pro with slightly better performance. However, outside of the dual motors and bigger battery, the City 2022 and City Pro are essentially the same scooter, and here’s what you can expect from the best choice from a sub $1,500 scooter, the Apollo City 2022.

The Apollo City is an electric scooter packed with tech and very well-integrated. It’s really a design-first concept, with more attention to detail than we’ve seen on any scooter in this class. You are first drawn in by the clean chassis and crisp gray color with orange accents. Up top, you have an LED display that allows you to control the mode while giving you key riding metrics. The scooter also connects to Apollo’s leading app that, among other functions, will enable riders to calculate the remaining range and dial in the intensity of their regenerative braking and acceleration.


The City 2022 also has an upgraded battery rated at 648 wh, over the original City’s 634 wh. The batteries on both new variations of the City are also made from energy-dense 21700 cells, giving them better efficiency and longer battery life. The City travels an advertised range of 30.0 mph. And with the battery’s short charging time of 4.5 hours, it’s easy to fully juice up your ride as you go about your other errands.

The City 2022 electric scooter rides to a top speed of 27.0 mph, typical of most scooters in this class. However, it’s the scooter’s ride quality that sells this city commuter. The scooter rolls on large 10.0-inch by 2.7-inch self-healing tires that we’ve tested and can confirm actually work. With the City’s tires, you’re getting the best of both worlds–the ride comfort of pneumatic tires and the flat-proof nature of solid tires. 

The tires work with the front and rear triple spring suspension that will smooth out your ride as you cruise through cracks and potholes. During our tests, we found that the dual swing arms felt a bit stiff for riding but felt great when taking bumps. Riders also get a large 19.8-inch by 7.8-inch deck that is comfortable for most riders’ feet. And something taller riders will really appreciate on the City 2022 and City Pro is the high handlebar height of 41.0 inches. The new City scooters also got an upgrade from the finger throttle to an ergonomic thumb throttle that really eliminates finger fatigue on longer rides.

For braking, the scooter has front and rear drum brakes and variable regen braking. Drum brakes last longer than disc brakes and require much less adjusting and maintenance. For further safety, the City 2022 scooter also comes with a high-mounted headlight, rear brake light, and rear turn signals that beep when engaged and self-cancel after they’ve been on for a while. The icing on the cake is that besides the solid fenders, the City 2022 and Pro have the highest water resistance rating on our database at IP66, giving you an edge on those rainy days.

Check price and availability for the Apollo City 2022 in the United States.

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EMOVE Cruiser

EMOVE -cruiser-Best-Electric-Scooters-Under-$1500

Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 30.5 mph*
Tested range: 47.0 mi*
Weight: 59 lb*
Max rider weight: 350 lb
Water resistance: IPX6


Legendary Range
Comfortable For Long Rides
Exceptional Build Quality And Feature-set
Highest Rider's Weight Capacity
Folding Bars Are So So
Heavy Scooter For Its Class

The Top Alternative for Best Electric Scooter under $1,500– The EMOVE Cruiser

We’ve called the Cruiser’ the only scooter you’ll ever need, and we stand by that. It does everything so exceptionally well, but it’s the insane range at its price point that makes it timeless. Equipped with a 1560 wh battery made from energy efficient 21700 LG cells, the Cruiser managed a 47.0-mile range on our test course, all the while maintaining an average range test speed of 17.1 mph. 

As you know, all our range tests are done in max performance mode, so you can always extend the range by riding conservatively. But for perspective, in terms of range rankings, the Cruiser falls directly behind the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max, a $4,899 scooter that managed a 48.0-mile range, and the best performance by a similarly priced scooter is by the $1,499 Dualtron Mini with its 27.2-mile range.

Voro goes all out on the Cruiser. It only makes sense since a long-ranged scooter deserves equally outstanding performance on other fronts and superior ride comfort to fully capitalize on the large battery. The top speed is good at 30.5 mph, with an acceleration of 3.8 seconds from 0-15.0 mph. The scooter has excellent semi-hydraulic brakes that help you feel planted during hard braking.

The ride comfort and ergonomics are also one for the books. The cruiser has one of the largest decks on our database at 23.1 inches x 7.7 inches. Thanks to the optional mods, you can install the throttle of your choosing–we swapped our trigger throttle for a more comfortable twist style. The scooter runs on large 10.0-inch tires that work with the dual suspension to guarantee a smooth ride–the suspension has enough travel for riding on rough pavement and dirt roads, though we don’t recommend the latter.

Other things we like about the Cruiser is that it has an ultra-high max rider weight capacity of 353.0 lbs. It also has one of the highest IP ratings at IPX6. And thanks to the scooter’s upgraded motors, no hill is too much for this voyager. Ultimately, no single motor scooter beats the Cruiser’s range, and nothing under $3,000 does better. The Cruiser is definitely not your average commuter electric scooter.

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Synergy Aviator 2.0


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 27.2 mph*
Tested range: 22.5 mi*
Weight: 56 lb*
Max rider weight: 250 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Great Hill-Climbing
Superb Acceleration
Flat Free No Compromise
Best-in-class Suspension
Not Great for Cornering
No Light Indicator for Eco/Turbo Single/Dual Buttons
There's a Rattle That Won't Quit

No Flat Tires, Solid Performance–The Synergy Aviator 2.0 

Synergy is a brand with a heavy presence in Canada that just entered the US market. They have a big line-up of electric scooters, but the first one that caught our attention was the Aviator 2.0. And what’s not to love about a dual-motor scooter that won’t set you a dime over $1,300? We were also curious to find out how a powerful dual-motor scooter that ran on solid wheels performed, as this is far from the norm. Here’s what we discovered.

The Synergy Aviator 2.0 is a dual 600 w electric scooter, with 1200 w total motor power. However, Synergy has a cheaper, single-motor version of the Aviator that retails for $999. The dual motors on the Aviator 2.0 give the scooter a real edge with commuters who want more power than they can get with other regular commuters in this class. Case in point, the Aviator 2.0 zips from 0 to 15.0 mph in just 2.6 seconds, which is a record in this class, with other scooters averaging at 4.1 seconds.

You also feel the power of the dual motors on hills. The Aviator 2.0 cleared our 200.0 ft 10% hill test in 9.3 seconds, while the second scooter on our list, the single-motor EMOVE Cruiser, fell behind at 12.2 seconds. The speed and range during our tests were average and expected of a scooter at its price. The Aviator 2.0 registered 27.2 mph as its top speed and traveled 22.5 miles on a full charge.

The other unusual spec we were dying to test out was the performance of the solid tires. The 8.0-inch front and rear wheels felt less jarring than we’d initially thought. But that’s mainly because the Aviator 2.0 comes with a full suspension system, the kind you usually see on more expensive scooters. The adjustable front and rear spring suspension with polyurethane bushings on the inside go above and beyond to smooth most of the shocks on the road. However, Synergy does plan to release a tubeless tire version soon to further elevate the ride quality.

The Aviator e-scooter is equipped with dual drum brakes, so you don’t have to worry about bent rotors or brake adjustments. They bring the scooter to a halt with a stopping distance of 10.7 ft from 15.0 mph.

The throttle response is good, even with the p-settings maxed out. The 20.0 inch x 6.8 inch rubber deck is roomy enough and has a good grip. And speaking of grip, the ones on the handlebars are screwed in, so they don’t move, which is great in light of the vibrations from the rigidity of the solid tires. The sliding collars on the folding handlebars are also easy to slide in and out of place and ensure the bars stay in place when unfolded.

As far as affordable, powerful, and low-maintenance electric scooters go, there’s no match for the Synergy Aviator 2.0. 

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Also check out our review of the $2199 Synergy Tsunami, a great scooter that comes with dual hydraulic brakes, a 38.4 mph top speed, fully adjustable suspension system , and a solid build quality.

Mercane Jubel


Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 24.3 mph*
Tested range: 23.8 mi*
Weight: 50 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IP54


Bicycle-level Stability
Comfortable Ride
12-inch Tires are Great for Cornering
Huge Deck with World-class Grip
Unique Inspired Design
Initial Acceleration can Feel a Bit Soft
Could Do with a Modern Stem Latch
Less Portable thanks to the Large Wheels

The Pothole King–The Mercane Jubel

The Mercane brand was popularized by their unique dual-motor electric scooter, the WideWheel Pro. However, their subsequent release, the single-motor Mercane Jubel, is also quite on brand, with the same unique and inspired design that led the WideWheel to fame. It looks good and rides even better. And here’s why the Jubel makes our Best Electric Scooters under $1,500 list.

There’s no denying that Korean manufacturer Mercane does wheels well. The Jubel sports large 12.0-inch air-filled tires that make up most of this scooter’s personality. The wheels give the scooter bicycle-like stability, which is especially attractive to newer riders who might fear the smaller tires typically found on scooters. The wheels are also so comfortable that the Jubel’s ride quality does well, even without suspension.

The larger tires give you so much stability that you find yourself riding faster than you normally would. It is also probably the best scooter for cornering at this price since you don’t need to slow all the way down. In addition, the tires are pothole resistant; therefore, cracks on the path and rough terrain won’t completely slow you down either. And with the Jubel’s smooth and super responsive throttle, you’ll find yourself constantly cruising at max speed. 

To help you better understand how these qualities add up, we charted the scooter’s average speed during our range test and had these comparisons. The scooter maintained an average speed of 18.6 mph, which was faster than the 43.3 mph, 2800 w Vsett 10+ at 18.5 mph. And directly above the Jubel on this graph were the monstrous Segway GT1 and the powerful Wolf Warrior X GT that both recorded an average speed of 18.8 mph.

To seize full advantage of the 12.0-inch tires, the Jubel is fitted with a huge 19.5-inch by 9.5-inch deck that allows riders to shift stances without feeling cramped. It is further lined with rubber padding and grip tape for maximum grip. However, the large wheels and huge deck compromise portability–even with the scooter’s folding bars. It is a tight squeeze when folded, and the largened features spike the weight to an above-average 50.0 lbs.

The performance is within trend for its class with a max speed of 24.3 mph, a tested range of 23.8 miles, and an acceleration time of 5.6 seconds from 0 to 15.0 mph. The scooter benefits from a front drum brake and rear disc brake that work together to stop the Jubel in 11.1 ft from a speed of 15.0 mph. But the Jubel’s hill times suffer the same ill-fate that all large wheeled scooters face, and that is fewer rotations from point to end; thus, it scaled our 200.0 ft 10% hill at an average speed of 9.1 mph.

Finally, though the scooter has no app, it has one of the most comprehensive P-settings. You can turn on cruise control, zero start, switch between units, and turn off the speed limit if local laws in your area allow it. Check out our comprehensive guide to electric scooter laws done in collaboration with Unagi if you are unsure of what the legislation in your area accommodates.

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Technical Specifications

Tested top speed: 21.7 mph*
Tested range: 12.1 mi*
Weight: 38 lb*
Max rider weight: 220 lb
Water resistance: IP55


Big Flat-Resistant Tires + Portability
The Ability To Park Vertically
Ultra Short Charging Time
Anticipated App Features
Premium Scooter At A Premium Price
Display Can Be Difficult To Read In Sunlight
You'll Have To Wait A Few Weeks Or More To Get One
Range Is Relatively Short

Top Pick for a Premium Design–Taur

TAUR is a luxury brand that blends aesthetics, performance, and functionality. According to the brand’s co-founder Carson Brown, the unusual design of the Taur is meant to address existing issues with the current electric scooter design to attract new riders to micromobility while promoting ownership over scooter rentals. This is definitely one of the best e-scooter designs we’ve seen all year.

The most unusual bit about the TAUR is the side-by-side foot platforms that allow for bigger 12.5-inch tires while still remaining portable. The large pneumatic tires then work with the large rake angle to give the TAUR stability that’s more like a bicycle than a scooter. The tires are kevlar-reinforced Continental tires that are both comfortable and puncture resistant.

The scooter’s stiff monotube design eliminates stem wobble that’s common in many foldable scooters, while the 5-way joystick gives you control without looking down at the buttons. This, plus the forward-facing ride position, improves the ride experience for beginners and experienced riders alike.

And for anyone that’s struggled with parking ever in their life, TAUR feels like the next natural step in the evolution of scooters. You can already store a scooter pretty much anywhere, but imagine being able to park yours like the TAUR–upright, head-first on its bullhorn handlebars. Plus, the scooter has a relatively low weight of 37.6 lbs, and won’t be too heavy to lift for the average rider. Also, the robust frame is fully recyclable–as part of TAUR’s green initiative.

Finally, the scooter has great lighting. The bright headlight is a 300-lumen, high-power directional beam installation. It also comes with a 240-degree frosted side layer/ deck lights that increases visibility from all angles. But where it gets really good is in the rear. Outside of the normal rear light, the scooter also has a patented rear light projector that shines 100 lumens on the rider’s back. There’s no missing you or the scooter.

Carson Brown also tells us that this adult electric scooter will keep receiving over-the-air firmware updates through the app–so expect TAUR to get even better. So, if you’re into a high-end electric scooter, the TAUR feels like an easy choice.

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UScooters GT Sport


Technical Specification

Tested top speed: 30.0 mph*
Tested range: 13.8 mi*
Weight: 30 lb*
Max rider weight: 280 lb
Water resistance: IPX5


Seriously Ultraportable
Fastest Max Speed on a Lightweight Scooter
Comes with an App
Tested Brand History
Values Utility over Aesthetics
The Ride gets Jittery
Traction is not Great on Wet Surfaces
Not too Visible at Night

A Casual Commuter with Ultimate Portability–Uscooters GT Sport

Uscooters is a brand known for long-term reliability and high-speed-to-weight ratio electric scooters. But their 30.0 mph GT Sport version really broke the barrier on how fast and light an ultraportable scooter can be, coming in at a tested weight of only 29.6 lbs. It beat the previous record holder, the Fluid Mosquito, which also weighs 29.6 lbs but only raced to 27.7 mph.

On our list, the Uscooters GT Sport takes the crown for ultra-portability. The scooter features collapsible handlebars, a telescopic stem, small deck and tire dimensions, making it one of the easiest scooters to bring into the office and one of the easiest to take multi-modal, like on a bus or in an Uber. For perspective, the folded package is only 41.5 inches by 5.6 inches by 13.0 inches.

That said, the GT Sport is one of the more expensive ultra-portable scooters out there, but that’s because it uses premium Samsung battery cells. Premium cells beat generic cells since they guarantee longer battery life. The large 504 wh battery capacity on this tiny scooter gives it an extended range of 13.8 miles. And that extra power comes in handy, especially given the high 275.0-lb rider weight capacity

It goes without saying that the ride may feel a bit stiff thanks to the GT Sport’s small,8.0-inch solid front and rear wheel. The solid tires on the GT Sport electric scooter are smaller in width than those on the Synergy Aviator, measuring 1.8 inches compared to the latter’s 2.4 inches. This gives the tires considerably less traction. And there’s also the fact that the tiny wheels are inefficient at absorbing vibrations. Uscooters counters this with a basic front and rear suspension installation that helps with larger bumps.

The braking distance is the longest on this list and that’s because the scooter only relies on an electronic braking system on the front and mechanical disc brakes in the rear. But you need to remember that the primary focus of the GT Sport is performance and ultraportability; therefore, there will be compromises on features that add weight.

However, despite the trade-offs for portability, this affordable scooter has perks like a Bluetooth app that lets you activate zero start, adjust riding modes, change units on the dash, lock the scooter, and turn the lights on and off. It has an IPX5 rating and has the added benefit of having a cruise control function. And you also get separate levers for the drum and electronic brakes.

With ultra-portability and performance in mind, buyers at this price point are often torn between the Fluid Mosquito and the GT Sport. The most notable differences from Mosquito are the GT’s Samsung cells vs. the Mosquito’s generic and a bit more top speed. We think it’s nice to know you have the speed, though we doubt anyone wants to go that fast on small solid tires. Plus, you also get better hill climbing with the GT Sport. It really is the best electric scooter if you’re just looking for an affordable, ultraportable basic commuter.

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To Recap: Best Electric Scooters Under $1500


There’s a little more to expect in the mid-range category, and each of the electric scooters featured offers something more. The Apollo City 2022 is the absolute best mid-range commuter scooter. It carries an exceptional design, has superb ride quality, and a tonne of features we’ve come to expect in the $2,000 range, like the unbeaten app and rear turn signal. 

We’ve previously called the Cruiser the only scooter you’ll ever need, and that fact holds despite our growing database. It does everything well, including performance, ride quality, durable build, and it has a large selection of mods to customize the ride to your exact liking.

The Synergy Aviator 2.0 is a surprising one, even for us, but it does present quite the unique benefit–a solid-performance electric scooter on solid wheels. The dual motors, for the scooter’s price is also a welcome challenge to the status quo. The Jubel looks different, and in an industry where you have to go extremely crazy to grab attention, it’s nice to have someone improve on a formula that already works. The large wheels are also amazing for stability–you never have to slow down for anything.

The GT Sport is the ultimate speed-to-weight champ. No lighter scooter goes as fast as the GT Sport. And finally, there’s the Taur scooter, that’s challenging scooter design. From the monotube frame to the foot pegs for a deck, the five-way joystick control, and the bull-horn handlebars that allow for head-first parking, the Taur is different and out to draw in an untapped market for the scooter world.

That concludes our selections for the best electric scooters under $1,500.

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