With a background in applied physics, Paul is ESG’s Hardware Program Manager and a former motorcycle roadracing champion and manager of scooter repair workhouses for Lime and Skip; Paul has spent more of his life riding (and working) on two wheels than four.

Vsett 11+ Super 72 Review-72 MPH on a Scooter?!

Get ready for an adrenaline rush! Today, we're reviewing the biggest and fastest scooter from Vsett: the Vsett 11+ Super 72. It’s a 72 V, dual-stemmed beast scooter with gobs of power, miles of range, and high-speed stability that threatens to dethrone the legendary Kaabo Wolf King GT.

NIU KQi3 MAX Review – MAX Performance for 2022!

If you haven't already guessed, we're big fans of the NIU KQi3 MAX electric scooter. While it doesn't have the KQi2 Pro's exquisite ride quality or the KQi3 Pro's lower price, it more than makes up for it with a higher top speed, good range, and superior braking, so you're less likely to outgrow it.

Best Ninebot MAX Alternatives.

We’ve been hands-on testing new entrants looking for the next Ninebot MAX alternatives.And out of 54-similarly priced alternatives, we’ve discovered a few electric scooters that can beat the Ninebot MAX at its own game.

Mercane Jubel Electric Scooter Review: 12-inches of Go!  

In a world where many electric scooters have no style at all, Mercane scooters will make you stop and look. The WideWheel Pro is quite memorable–the Bat-mobile of electric scooters and the Mercane Jubel will be just as memorable because have you seen those bicycle wheels?