Trina McManus - head shot

Trina is Lead Writer at ESG, responsible for writing scripts for scooter reviews, ESG Liveshow, and most of the content that finds its way on the website. She’s also providing a touch of female perspective to this (almost) all-male industry as a smaller rider (5’4″, around 140 lb) that prefers a leisurely, chill pace.

Before joining ESG in August 2020, Trina had never ridden an electric scooter. As our writer, she rides all of the electric scooters (at a much slower pace than Paul), so she can better understand and synthesize the team’s experiences. She’s also got a hand in producing liveshow, coordinating relationships with partners, and connecting directly with the electric scooter community in our ESG Facebook community and on your Youtube channel. She’s a team player that enjoys collaborating with the team as much as she finds comfort organizing data in spreadsheets.

Trina has a bachelor’s degree in English (Creative Writing) and over a decade of experience in writing for the web and print, content development, and project management. Trina has worked on content in various fields outside of the scooter-dom, including psychology, engineering, event planning, and LMS.

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