Justin is the Co-Founder of Electric Scooter Guide and the genius that built the resource that we now call the Electric Scooter Guide website.

To answer the need for better scooter buying resources, Justin designed the scooter database, which quickly simplified the shopping process. Using data from Chuck‘s performance testing, Justin wrote in-depth electric scooter reviews based on our real-world, scientific approach, detailing everything from if the scooter could fit into a trunk to if it could make it up a hill at a reasonable (faster than walking) pace.

As of 2020, the team has grown from two to seven, with Justin as the architect of our website and mastermind of industry growth. Justin has continued to implement new tools as scooter riders request them, including continually managing and growing our online resources, like the performance comparison, scooter comparison, and P-settings databases.

If you want to know almost anything about your electric scooter, you’ll find info (often written and/or edited by Justin) in one of our technical guides.

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