David is quite possibly the most well-known member of the ESG team, aside from Chuck and Ramier, as the captain of all of our social media content, managing thousands upon thousands of members in our online communities across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Reddit. Like Ramier, David is a big dawg or heavy rider (over 200 lb), and has experience riding lots of high performance electric scooters in New York City.

David has cultivated a respectful brotherhood within the scooter riding community through active moderation and growth. You would not expect a Facebook group with nearly 20,000 members to have a moderator that responds directly to support for everything from where to buy your scooter to how to fix it — but that’s what David does.

Not only does David, more widely known as Sir Vosk, maintain our social media programs, he also establishes and fosters relationships with our affiliate partners, coordinating weekly activities, giveaways and promotions for ESG Liveshow.